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Why customers use TraQline

Exceptional Support

“TraQline provides exceptional customer service that is above and beyond anything I can remember. I was tasked to pull together an analysis from TraQline for a critical meeting at the very last minute, and our account rep stood there with me from the beginning to the very end!”

Alice – Black and Decker

Our client service team is responsive, experienced, and strategic. Each account rep averages approximately 17 years of TraQline experience helping you go beyond just accessing the data but also helping you interpret the results and communicate them to your organization.

Online and Brick & Mortar Data

“TraQline provides an insightful and incredibly wide range of information that helps us to better understand the consumer sensitivity regarding various product features as well as the most recent market split among different product types and configurations.”

Yutig – Berkeley Labs

To accurately view the market, you need a combination of purchases for online and brick & mortar. TraQline effectively measures both and allows you to view them together or separately.

of Data

“TraQline is a vital logic check on your brand performance, including that of your customers and competitors. In a time of information overload, it is increasingly important to have a stable, repeatable platform like TraQline.”

Mike – Delta Faucets

Web scraping and POS/EDI data for consumer durables have their place but do not provide a wholistic view of the total market due to their lack of complete coverage. TraQline is the best and most comprehensive solution.

Trusted by
and Retailers

“A wealth of insights that extend beyond the core performance KPIs [i.e. share, draw, close]. TraQline KPIs are built into our category strategic planning process providing a performance and competitive intelligence tracking tool that provides a credible and broad cross category view of the Home Improvement industry.”

Susan – Home Depot

With a client list that is a “who’s who” of both retailers and manufacturers, TraQline is one of the most trusted names in consumer durables.

Ease of Access Anytime, Anywhere

“TraQline is very helpful to my business, every quarter! The presentation ready data that always shares a well put together story along with the AdHoc data is our first source of information for trends in our business.”

Allison – Genie

Data isn’t helpful to every organization if it requires a PhD to access it. TraQline is easily accessible to everyone – from the analyst to the C-suite. We deliver reports in PowerPoint, Excel, or ad-hoc online.

Actionable Data

“Since partnering with TraQline, we have gained valuable insights into top industry trends. We have increased our ability to forecast future trends and focus on targeting our consumers’ needs based on the customized data reports we receive each quarter from the TraQline team.”

Sarah – Chervon NA

TraQline is the most representative view of the consumer durables marketplace available, enabling you to make decisions about how to sell your products and where.

20 Years
of Experience

I’ve been a Traqline user for over 20 years and it is an invaluable tool that helps us throughout the year. Really couldn’t live without it.”

John – Husqvarna Group

Don’t be fooled by the latest fads for tracking consumer behavior. There is a reason TraQline has been measuring the market for over 20 years. TraQline has adapted to new processes and delivers accurate insights every time.

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