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Market Segment Insights

TraQline’s geographic representation measures small players
in the marketplace with our census-balanced data. 

Target your market with regional, demographic &  
behavioral census-balanced segmentation data

Determine if certain locations, demographics, or behavior habits are over- or under-indexing with  
comprehensive nationwide data — balanced against the census for the most accurate read of your market 

Census Insight Census Regions, Divisions & DMA Insights
Regional Icon Regional vs National Comparisons
Urban Rural Icon Urban vs Rural Comparisons
Demographics Icon Nuanced Audience Demographics
Consumer Purchasing Behavior Icon Buyer Behavior Insights
Segmentation Icon Custom Segmentations

Powering stronger business decisions with enriched market understanding

TraQline collects data directly from the consumers buying your products, tracking large,
small, and regional retailers — as well as emerging and established brands

Focus on strategic segmentation — We’ll measure the market

Measure & compare locales
Big box vs regional, urban vs rural 

No brand or retailer too small, no area excluded. Our comprehensive market data covers the entire nation and allows you to group brands / retailers into customizable aggregates. 

Identify over & under indexing
by brand, retailer, product, and features

Discover opportunities or overcome threats with the ability to see indexing measurement by brand, retailer, and even product features.

Tailor merchandising & marketing
based on segment-specific buyers

Adjust distribution, marketing, product category mix and more to align with consumer preferences within a particular region, DMA, etc. Filter trends by area to measure campaign results. 

Track sales trends
and success drivers

Get regional and national share trends for both retailers and brands. Know who is winning and losing in a specific market — and even identify factors driving success. 

Monitor regional growth
Identify competitors & trends 

Understand how you match up against competitors in your region, measure national and regional share trends, calculate growth rate, and more.

Competitive business intelligence solutions
to support your market strategy & research

Brand, retailer & SKU performance
Track in-store & e-commerce trends
Monitor & gain market share
Understand buyer motivation
Optimize merchandising & pricing
Get product line review insights
Market research for new product launches
Overcome competitive threats


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TraQline has been at the forefront of market data insights for 20+ years – helping take the guesswork out of your most difficult business challenges. From regional analysis to audience segmentation, Durable IQ was designed to help you better understand your market and meet your business needs.

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