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Uncover Consumer Purchase Motivation

TraQline’s Why Behind the Buy data gives you accurate insights into consumer purchase motivation.

Know the Why Behind the Buy

TraQline’s purchase motivation data comes directly from consumers who buy your products. 
Use the power of WHY to assess your competition, confidently protect your brand, and even increase market share.

  • Online shopping and buying
  • Brand and Retailer sales
  • Why people buy
  • Product feature trends
  • What stores consumers shop
  • Brand & Retailer Market Share
  • Competitive insights
  • Pricing over time
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Understand the Why Behind the Buy

Get inside the mind of your consumer to improve marketing, merchandising, and satisfaction. Use TraQline’s valuable insights to uncover consumer purchase motivations.

Why bought store

Why bought brand

Why bought product

Learn What Drives Your Customers’ Purchase Decisions

Our capability to accurately track online vs. brick & mortar sales across all retailers in the US and Canada gives our clients the data they need to make better decisions.

Your product launch underperforms at a key retailer.

TraQline identifies retailer and brand purchase drivers (why consumers buy at a specific retailer). You may have a value proposition that is not appealing to the retailer’s target market (e.g. high price at Walmart).

Your existing sales are declining. You do not know why.

TraQline enables you to identify the purchase drivers for your brand compared to your competitors. This can help identify gaps in your value proposition.

You are planning a marketing campaign, but you need to know who to target.

TraQline provides demographic profiles of those that are considering or purchasing in the category. Drill down specifically to your brand or your competitor’s brand.

Why do consumers buy the products they buy?

TraQline measures why consumers purchased the brand, retailer, and product. This allows you to index your performance with your competitors and the industry.

We measure the market while you focus on your strategy.

Unbiased Market Research Data

TraQline independently tracks sales for all brands and retailers in the US and Canada and provides our clients with the power to act on marketplace trends. Our data helps you understand the why behind the buy with our exclusive “Purchase Process” variables. These variables identify why consumers buy specific products and brands, as well as why they chose a specific retailer.

Our online shopping metrics track more than just online purchases. We track which websites consumers make purchases from and what activity led up to the transaction. Paired with our brand and retailer metrics and online vs. brick & mortar purchases, TraQline provides a comprehensive view of consumer behavior.

TraQline tracks most industries

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