TraQline Is Now Open brand

We are proud to announce that OpenBrand, a market intelligence platform for brands and retailers to leverage AI-driven insights and data, has completed its acquisition of TraQline! Read more here.

Compare Online vs. Brick & Mortar sales

Only TraQline provides comprehensive insights measuring
online retailers like Amazon and multi-channel retailers like Best Buy.

Track the Entire Channel – not just one!

TraQline collects data directly from the consumers who buy your products. Harness the power of these key metrics to assess your competition, confidently protect your brand, and increase market share.

  • Online shopping and buying
  • Brand and Retailer sales
  • Why people buy
  • Product feature trends
  • What stores consumers shop
  • Brand & Retailer Market Share
  • Competitive insights
  • Pricing over time
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Online vs. Brick and Mortar – TraQline has it all

Regional players can be a strong ally…or a menacing threat. Our door-to-door analysis process helps you measure regional players’ performance compared to National and online retailers.

Start with total market

Online vs. Brick & Mortar mix

Compare Online share to
Brick & Mortar Share

Analyze price, feature, demographics for each

Identify opportunities to win

Assess Online vs. Brick and Mortar performance

Our capability to track online vs. brick & mortar sales across all retailers in the US and Canada gives our clients the data they need to make better decisions.

Your traditional brick & mortar channel sales are growing yet you are still losing share.

TraQline breaks out shares by online vs brick & mortar. Is the market’s online mix increasing? TraQline will help create a multi-channel strategy to maximize sales growth.

The average price paid for your product is declining.

TraQline offers the ability to breakout down average price paid by online vs brick and mortar. Are the low online price offerings eating into your profits?

You want an Amazon comparison but your retailer sells both offline and online.

In addition to Brick and mortar sales, TraQline can provide shares and trends for online only. Analyze your online trends directly against Amazon.

You have no visibility into DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands.

With TraQline’s extensive methodology, you can measure all channels: brick, online, even mail and television sales. This builds a complete picture of the market.

We measure the market while you focus on your strategy.

Unbiased Market Research Data

TraQline independently tracks sales for all brands and retailers in the US and Canada and provides our clients with the power to act on marketplace trends. Our data helps you understand the why behind the buy with our exclusive “Purchase Process” variables. These variables identify why consumers buy specific products and brands, as well as why they chose a specific retailer.

Our online shopping metrics track more than just online purchases. We track which websites consumers make purchases from and what activity led up to the transaction. Paired with our brand and retailer metrics and online vs. brick & mortar purchases, TraQline provides a comprehensive view of consumer behavior.

TraQline tracks most industries

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