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Ecommerce vs. Retail Trends

Your consumer is shopping online. Do you know why, for what products, and how much? Discover unmatched insight into online and in-store consumer behavior with TraQline.

Understand the nuances of online & in-store shoppers

Knowing where your consumers shop is critical to overcoming the competition and gaining share.
Stock the right products on your floor and web storefront with TraQline-exclusive buyer behavior data.

Online Online shopping & buying
Purchase Drivers Purchase drivers
Features Product feature trends
Store Shop Other stores shopped
Brand Retailer Brand & retailer share
Insights Competitive insights
Pricing Time Pricing over time

Track all your shopper channels — in-store, online, and multi-channel

The insights you need to understand consumer channel preferences, track market share, and
stay on-top of competitor shifts for both online retailers like Amazon and multi-channel retailers like Best Buy

Focus on your channel strategies. We’ll measure the market.

Optimize product mix
for online and in-store 

Are you taking up floor space with product that it makes more sense to sell primarily online? Know how your consumers shop specific categories with TraQline product-channel data.

Create a multi-channel strategy 
and maximizes sales growth  

Is the online mix for your market increasing? Are brick & mortar sales growing, but overall share going down? Understand channel nuances — TraQline breaks out shares by online vs brick & mortar.  

Track average price paid 
by online vs. brick & mortar

The average price paid for your product is declining. Are the low online price offerings eating into your profits? TraQline offers the ability to breakout down average price paid by online vs. brick and mortar.

Gain visibility across channels
even direct-to-consumer

Do you have a complete picture of the market? View online shares and trends only. Monitor direct-ro-consumer. Analyze your online trends directly against Amazon. Whatever the channel, TraQline has the data.

Find the market awareness
you need to increase sales

Know your market trends, meet your consumers where there are, and build strategy based on the data.

Competitive business intelligence solutions
to support your market strategy & research

Brand, retailer & SKU performance
Track in-store & e-commerce trends
Monitor & gain market share
Understand buyer motivation
Optimize merchandising & pricing
Get product line review insights
Market research for new product launches
Overcome competitive threats

Ready to analyze YOUR ecommerce vs. retail store insights?