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Defend Against Competitive Threats

Do you know what your competitors are doing?

Identify and Defend against Competitive Threats

We collect data directly from consumers who buy your products. For each category, these consumers tell us what they buy, where, and why – allowing you to quickly identify and defend against emerging threats.

  • Online shopping and buying
  • Brand and Retailer sales
  • Why people buy
  • Product feature trends
  • What stores consumers shop
  • Brand & Retailer Market Share
  • Competitive insights
  • Pricing over time
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How TraQline helps you Identify Competitive Threats

Track performance across channels and identify purchase motivations. Whether its a new player in the market or an existing player attempting to grow their share at your channel partner, TraQline identifies competitive threats as they develop.

New Entrant to market

Track performance in your channels

Track performance in other channels

Uncover purchase motivations

Develop and Execute Strategy

Manage Competitive Threats

Our capability to track online vs. brick & mortar sales across all retailers in the US and Canada gives our clients the data they need to make better decisions.

A new competitor has entered your space at your top retailer.

TraQline helps identify how much share new competitors have gained and at which retailers. Use our metrics to understand why they buy and at what price points so you can highlight your strengths and capitalize on their weaknesses.

A new brand is emerging, threatening your sales.

TraQline measures competitive share for both brands and stores, online and in-store, so as new competitors enter the market, you can assess whether your niche is affected and create an action plan to combat it.

My brand sells above the OPP, I need to identify my real competitor.

TraQline can provide you valuable metrics by price bands. Pull the curtain back and analyze the brand unit and dollar shares as well as draw/close in your customized price range.

More consumers are purchasing online and you need to measure.

TraQline can isolate trends for online only as well as report if their purchases were shipped to the store or shipped to home. Use TraQline insights to see who is gaining share in this space.

We measure the market while you focus on your strategy.

Unbiased Market Research Data

TraQline independently tracks sales for all brands and retailers in the US and Canada and provides our clients with the power to act on marketplace trends. Our data helps you understand the why behind the buy with our exclusive “Purchase Process” variables. These variables identify why consumers buy specific products and brands, as well as why they chose a specific retailer.

Our online shopping metrics track more than just online purchases. We track which websites consumers make purchases from and what activity led up to the transaction. Paired with our brand and retailer metrics and online vs. brick & mortar purchases, TraQline provides a comprehensive view of consumer behavior.

TraQline tracks most industries

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