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TraQline is a comprehensive solution to a wide range of challenges that businesses face when growing and maintaining their success. This is your one-stop-shop for all things related to market share, consumer insights, and data trends. Read more about TraQline’s solutions and how they help businesses like yours stay ahead.

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Discover how industry leaders use TraQline’s™️ comprehensive tools to solve complex retail challenges.

TraQline’s insights cover major brands and retailers, as well as and smaller competitors within each industry we serve. When you are working to surpass other businesses in your market, you need to have the latest information on your side. Read more about defending competitive threats with TraQline here.

Staying ahead of new and emerging trends in your industry can help you seize opportunities to gain market share. With TraQline, you can surpass your competitors by staying in front of the latest practices, rather than losing market share to more innovative businesses. Read more about identifying opportunities to gain market share with TraQline here.

When launching new products, you will want to first ensure that your business is set up for success. You can launch new products with confidence using TraQline data. Here you can find answers to key questions, such as:

  • Where do the white spaces and market share opportunities exist in this market?
  • What are the emerging trends surrounding this type of product products of this type?
  • Are consumers buying this product online or in-store?

With this insight, you can see how your new product meets consumer preferences, tailors to upcoming trends, and aligns with features successful in the current market. Read more about how TraQline data can help you launch new products here.

While some businesses make the mistake of dismissing regional players, these retailers serve as a roadmap to identifying market threats and opportunities. Partnering with a beloved regional player may help you gain a new ally and control a larger market. Conversely, regional players may be on the brink of growing into industry leaders and becoming one of your largest competitors. Each quarter, TraQline helps you answer questions like:

  • How do regional brands stack up against nationwide entities?
  • How much market share do they hold?
  • Are prominent regional players expanding their reach into your territory?

Read more about how TraQline can help you track regional players here.

A brand or retailer will fight to share only the most positive information about their performance. This can lead to conflicting data, market confusion, and poor business investments. So who do you trust to tell you which brands and retailers are performing well? The consumers. TraQline data is collected directly from 150,000 census-balanced households in a sample chosen each quarter from a conglomerate of millions. This allows us to provide reliable data on brand and retailer performance. Read more about TraQline brand and retailer performance insights here.

Do you ever wonder why consumers in your market choose a certain product, brand, or retailer? Are they influenced by price, features, convenience, or other buying factors? When you understand what drives buying decisions within your market, you can tailor your approach to appeal to these motivations. Read more about how TraQline can help you understand consumer purchase motivations here.

Product line reviews can make or break the success of your product. TraQline has all of the information you need to prepare for a successful line review by demonstrating market trends, identifying feature gaps, measuring pricing gaps, and more. Read more about how TraQline can help you prepare for line reviews here.

As online buying continues to grow in popularity, it is essential that businesses stay attuned to what consumers are buying in-store versus what they prefer to buy online. TraQline’s data tracks these wavering consumer trends. Read more about TraQline’s insights into online vs. brick & mortar sales here.

Beyond our TraQline subscription, our market share experts also provide custom research solutions for businesses across the globe using The Stevenson Company’s renowned Market Advantage Process™️ (MAP). MAP™️ acts as a research framework that is proven to orient your business towards success. We use our vast expertise, unmatched experience, and in-house technology to offer market research tailored to your company’s needs.

For over 20 years, we’ve been answering questions about what we do and how we do it. Check out our FAQ here for a list of some of the most common questions.

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