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Gain market advantage and save hundreds of hours with an unmatched product library that provides insights for over 30,000 SKUs — powered by TraQline.


Definitive product master and insights solution,
delivering comprehensive SKU data for durable goods

Discover the impact of regularly updated brand and retailer product data — no floor walks or
web scraping required. Compare pricing, attributes, availability, and more.

30,000+ SKUs
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Drive growth through unmatched competitive intelligence


SKU analysis and insights for 30,000+ SKUs

Maintain your product library and competitive intel simply by logging into the SKU Metrix platform. Save your team hours spent on competitor research with an on-demand product master — providing all the product data you need, when you need it.


Stay current on product, retailer, and brand trends

See full market listings for a product category across brands and leading retailers. Filter and export results by configuration, price, features, power source (OPE), and more to easily identify industry trends.


Compare SKUs across brands and leading retailers

Run comparisons of up to 6 SKUs, aggregated across multiple brands, features & models. Easily compare features with the largest aggregated and brand-agnostic feature list for Major Appliances and OPE.


Stay competitive with pricing intelligence across top retailers

Identify market pricing gaps, validate product pricing decisions, and track pricing trends over time with comprehensive retail price intelligence. Know what’s happening in near-real-time with twice weekly updates.

Built for teams across your organization

Retail intelligence for organizational success

Category Management

Improve communications with retailers & optimize your assortment

  • Optimize your assortment across all brands and models
  • Improve retailer insights and communications
  • Identify product category gaps to be filled
Pricing & Finance

Identify optimal pricing, gaps, and margin opportunities

  • Track competitor margins and gap trends
  • Stay current with twice-weekly updates
  • Validate product pricing decisions
Product Management

Identify market opportunities & expand your business

  • Get highly accurate, current & relevant with competitive product intelligence
  • Empower your teams to make data-driven business decisions
  • Successfully aid in budget planning & forecasting
  • Turnkey solution to save CI resources

Develop merchandising plans & determine promotional effectiveness

  • Develop winning promotional plans and refine pricing strategies
  • Optimize your merchandising strategy for more sales
  • Review competitive floor and web placements

Win more business with brand & model-level data

  • Validate competitive offerings to justify response
  • Optimize product lineups at retailers
  • Organize and present data for greater impact in client meetings
Buyers & Merchants

Strengthen your retail offerings

  • Improve communications with trade partners
  • Propose new product offerings with in-depth SKU comparisons
  • Confirm pricing and lineup among competitors
Onboarding Personnel

Decrease training time & increase onboarding efficiency

  • Significantly decrease onboarding time
  • Include in new hire training curriculum for competitive familiarity
  • Quickly identify key SKUs and distribution at major retailers
Cross-Functional Teams

Unite multiple functions with a shared platform and language

  • Prepare and rapidly respond to new product introductions
  • Effectively plan and assess pricing changes and promotions
  • Create comprehensive product training sessions
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Know what products are winning at top retailers. Analysis individual SKU performance, trends over time, key purchase drivers, and brand leaderboards.