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We deliver valuable data and insights to the Consumer Durables Industry so that our clients can effectively compete in challenging markets.

How do I get access to TraQline data and insights?

Access to TraQline requires an annual subscription. Clients receive support from our experienced team of account reps and can access TraQline via our secure website.

What’s included in a TraQline Subscription?

You get access to brand and retailer data for your categories plus the expertise of our account management team. All subscriptions include PowerPoint reports, Head-to-Head analyses & Opportunity Funnel™ reports, quarterly email report delivery, data visualization tools, and more.

One-on-One Trainings
PowerPoint Reports
Head-to-Head Analysis
65+ Snapshot Reports per category
Data Analysis 24/7/365
Email Reports
Unlimited Reports
Unlimited Seats

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How much does a TraQline subscription cost?

TraQline subscriptions are based on several factors, including whether US, Canada, or both are purchased, and number of categories purchased. Because TraQline is a syndicated survey, costs are shared across our customers. In nearly every scenario, TraQline is a far better value than conducting research on your own. 

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