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Our Story

The Stevenson Company was founded in 1995, when market and consumer tracking studies were far less sophisticated. Our team worked tirelessly to develop a better tool, one that could not only provide market share but an overall view of the competitive landscape across retailers.

We began working on a revolutionary tool to track competitive market share and product trends by leveraging technology and an unbiased methodology that does not rely on retailer or manufacturing data but rather the voice and behavior of consumers.

Five years later, TraQline was launched.

How it all began…



The Stevenson Company was founded in 1995 when its founders were spun off of a Fortune 10 company.


TraQline US

TraQline begins as a transparent solution to the slow response and questionable methodology of mail-in surveys.


Online Methodology

TraQline moves to an all online survey, enabling turnaround times of less than a month.



TraQline attracts the attention of and signs agreements with the country’s top retailers, enabling us to build a partnership to provide data to measure retailer and brand performance for line reviews, assortment planning, and even compensation.


TraQline Canada

Through valuable partnerships with our retailers, TraQline is able to begin retail tracking in Canada, providing the same high quality, actionable insights to the Canadian Market as we provide in the US.


TraQline Monthly

Our quarterly survey success enables us to create a monthly survey for rapidly moving categories and additional consumer durables categories.


SKU Metrix™

Through newly available technology, TraQline begins its highly accurate SKU Metrix™ tool for Major Appliances. LG&Q provides pricing and feature comparisons for all SKUs at the nation’s Top retailers.

HPOS 2020

Hybrid POS™

Building on new technology such as receipt tracking, digital shelf-mapping, and PageRank data, TraQline enters a new era of SKU tracking for Major Appliances with Hybrid POS™.


TSC Rebranded

The Stevenson Company officially adopts “TraQline” as it’s brand of suite of consumer insight tools, leveraging the strength of the brand.

Our team has an average of 13 years of TraQline experience. This helps us go beyond just teaching you how to pull reports – we work to become your trusted partner for understanding, interpreting, and improving your marketplace performance.

Eric VoyerVice President – TraQline

Our Mission

Our mission is to help provide our clients with the resources to make profitable business decisions based on an accurate and comprehensive view of consumers’ competitive buying behavior.

Integrity and customer service are rooted in our client partnerships. We truly foster an environment where each client’s business concern is our own. We work to support and understand how our data can provide impact across every organization.

Their success is our success!

Our people are our
strongest asset

We know that the talent and points of view of diverse individuals built our legacy and shapes our future.

Meet Our Team

Our clients depend on us
to help them answer critical market questions…

  • What’s my market share compared to my closest competitor?
  • Who’s buying my products?
  • How is my competition performing at my retailers?
  • Why do consumers buy the products they buy?
  • What trends are emerging in my product categories?
  • Is Amazon a threat and what’s their market share?
  • How quickly are sales shifting online?
  • What’s the impact of regional players in the marketplace?
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