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Windows & Doors Industry: Best Brands, Market Share, Retail Sales Data, & Trends 

August 14, 2023
Ashley Jefferson Author 5 mins read
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Windows & doors represent a notable share of the US home improvement industry’s profits, and accurate insights here can go a long way predicting future product and business success.

Do you know what window and door brands consumers are buying most, where they are buying them, and what drives their purchase decisions (aka the why behind the buy)? Find out these answers and more below — and download our free US windows and doors industry infographic for even more actionable market insights. 

Source: All data in this article was pulled from the TraQline Durable IQ platform using the rolling four quarters period ending March 2023, US Windows/Doors category. For the most recent insights or further dives into the data, please contact us.

Who leads U.S. home improvement market share in the windows and doors industry?

Windows & Door Market Share by Retailer

As of March 2023, The Home Depot continued as the leading retailer for windows and doors, winning 27%-unit share — which was an increase of almost 1 percentage point after a drop of 1.4 points in March 2022 (rolling 4Q).  

Lowe’s was the second top-selling retailer for windows and doors with a 20%-unit share. However, Lowe’s was down significantly (about 2 points) in March 2022 (rolling 4Q). 

Additionally, retail sales data insights demonstrate continued growth for specialty windows & door industry stores:

  • While owning a much smaller segment of the market than the top home improvement players, at 14%-unit share window/millwork specialty stores cumulatively saw a significant increase during each of the past three years.  
  • Despite their smaller unit share, window/millwork specialty stores hold the lead in dollar share (37%) with a 20-percentage point advantage over the second highest dollar share leader (Contractors, with 17%-dollar share).  
  • Specialty stores in the windows and door industry are not only winning most of the market, but they are also seeing a significant gain! Versus the previous year, window/millwork specialty stores enjoyed a 5-percentage point increase.

Windows & Door U.S. Home Improvement Market Share by Brand

As of March 2023, the leading brand for windows and doors was Andersen, with 10%-unit share, continuing a 5-year lead over all other brands. Andersen also owns the market in dollar share at 17%, which reflects a rebound of 2 percentage points after a 3-point drop versus the same time prior year. Other top brands in the windows and doors space include Pella, Window World, Milgard, and Jeld-Wen. 

How much do consumers spend on windows and doors?

As of March 2023, our retail sales data has indicated the industry average price paid for windows and door was $1,730, up almost $400 versus the same time in 2022.

Why are consumers spending more on doors and windows?

This rise in industry cost was mostly due to a significant rise in average price for window and millwork specialty stores – which also drove the significant increase to its dollar share and won them the market, as discussed above.

Average price paid for specialty stores, as well as through contractors, are historically higher than the industry average ($4,510 and $2,162, respectively). This was likely due to project size. Alternatively, at big-box stores like Home Depot ($691), Lowe’s ($667), and Menards ($523), consumers historically enjoy significantly lower than industry average prices. Again, this was likely due to the purchases going toward smaller project sizes, such as routine maintenance or minor repair, resulting in fewer products purchased.

What demographic buys the most windows and doors? 

Durable IQ’s census-balanced respondent pool delivers consumer demographic insights for the windows and doors industry.  

As of March 2023, demographics for windows and doors buyers include:  

  • 86% of consumers, across all outlets, own their own homes  
  • 93% of purchases at specialty stores were made by homeowners 
  • 61% of buyers are married 
  • 60% of purchases have a female involved in the purchase decision 
  • 42% of shoppers have a household income of $100,000 or more 
  • 64% of buyers are aged 55+ 

How are online sales trending for the windows and doors market?

As of March 2023, in-store remains the most popular retail channel for window and door sales, with consumers purchasing in-store 51% of the time.

Despite this popularity, sales were down about 3.5 percentage points from the time the previous year after a slight increase for in-store window and door sales in March 2022 (rolling 4Q). Correspondingly, online sales of windows and doors saw a slight increase of 0.5 percentage points following a significant decline of 2.5 percentage points in March 2022 (rolling 4Q).

Other key U.S. home improvement market insights on doors & windows retail sales data

Durable IQ delivers a comprehensive view of the windows and doors industry — from share insights to purchase drivers. Here are a few other key insights on the bathroom fixtures market as of March 2023: 

 Purchase drivers:  

  • As seen in previous years, “competitive price” remains the top reason for retailer purchase 
  • “Competitive price” (39%) and “appearance” (33%) are the most mentioned reasons for brand purchase 
  • 60% of all windows and doors are purchased as a “replacement of existing” 

Draw/close rates: Home Depot continues to lead other major retailers in outlet draw (45%) and outlet close (60%). Lowe’s falls behind Home Depot in both draw (39%) and close (52%). 

Number of outlets shopped: In 4Q ending March 2023, 55% of all purchasers shopped at only one outlet. Of the top retailers, Home Depot has the highest incidence of only shopping one outlet (56%). However, those purchasing from a window/millwork specially stores or through a contractor are much more likely to have examined only one product source – 65% and 63% respectively. 

Get total U.S. home improvement market insight for doors and windows

For more retail sales data, market share, and insights on U.S. home improvement market, download the Durable IQ-exclusive infographic below. To see the insights for other industries or find out how we can help power growth for your business, contact us today.

Download the Windows & Doors Market Infographic