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US TV Market Infographic

December 21, 2021
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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What are the best brands and outlets in the TV market? – An infographic

TraQline answers the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how” for Total TV market share. Our quarterly survey will help you understand who’s buying, where they’re buying it, and what drives their decisions. Our infographic will help you answer the following questions about the market and how it is changing…

Who is leading sales in the TV market?

cropped image of the TV market infographic

Our infographic will give you greater details, but for now, here’s what you need to know about the market leaders for Total TV:

  • For unit share in 3Q 2021, Walmart and Best Buy continue to be the lead outlets. However, both outlets are down significantly YoY for the rolling 4 quarters ending Sept 2021
  • The brand leaders across Total TV are Samsung and LG. Samsung unit share is significantly higher than all other brands but is down versus the R4Q ending 3Q 2020. Meanwhile, LG is flat compared to this time last year

How much do consumers spend?

When buying a TV, the average price for Q3 2021 is $490. However, the average amount paid at different outlets vary:  For example:

  • While having a much smaller unit/dollar share than top outlets, Costco average price the last few years has been consistently higher than other outlets ($729 for R4Q end Q3 2021)
  • Best Buy consistently shows the next highest average price paid with $611
  • Walmart consistently has the lowest price paid – $338

Different brands also have a dramatically different average price paid vs. the industry. For example:

  • In the past few years, Sony consistently has the highest average price paid ($703 in R4Q end Q3 2021).
  • Samsung and LG consistently show the next highest average prices paid, $633 and $628 respectively.

What demographic is buying TVs?

Just who is the typical TV buyer?  TraQline’s census-balanced respondent pool has given us insights like:

  • Most purchases in Q3 2021 are made with a male involved in the decision (82 percent). Around 43 percent of purchases are male-only decision makers
  • About 63 percent of purchasers are homeowners – up this year after two years of significant declines.

Online Sales Trends:

The majority of TV purchases have historically been made in a retail store.

  • For Q3 2021 that trend continues with retail store purchases at 65 percent, however, that rate has been falling year over year for the past four years.
  • Online purchases are up significantly from this time last year.

TV Market Share Facts:

Curious about other information TraQline’s survey has uncovered? Here’s another preview for you:

  • Walmart draw and close rates are historically at the top of all outlets. While that continues to be the case, both draw and close rates at Walmart are down vs. this time last year. Best Buy is one of the benefactors of this drop at Walmart, with a Best Buy draw rate up significantly from Q3 2020 (2 points).
  • The popularity of Ultra HD continues to rise from previous quarters, with 4K or 8K resolution capturing almost half of the Q3 2021 market.
  • The main reasons to purchase from a particular outlet have historically been “competitive price” and “good selection of products”. That remains the case, but “competitive price” is trending down, and “good selection of products” is trending up the past few quarters.

To see everything we’ve included on our infographic, fill out the form below and download your own copy: