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US Mattress Market Share: Top Brands & Retailers & Retail Industry Sales Data for 2023 

October 11, 2023
Ashley Jefferson Author 6 mins read
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Man sits cross-legged by a mattress in a store with his hand on top of it

According to Forbes Vetted, the best overall mattress in 2023 comes from the Nectar brand – but what does the voice of the consumer say? Let’s look at which brands and retailers are winning market share, as well as other consumer trends and insights across the mattress market.    

Read on to discover current consumer preferences regarding mattress brands, preferred purchase locations, and the underlying factors shaping consumer buying behavior. For even more actionable market intelligence, download our complimentary US mattress market infographic.  

Source: All data in this article was pulled from the TraQline Durable IQ platform using the rolling 4Q ending Q2 2023, US Mattress category. For the most recent insights or further dives into the data, please  contact us

Who are the top mattress retailers by market share? 

As of June 2023, the leading retailers in the U.S. mattress market were Mattress Firm and Amazon.  

In dollar share, Mattress Firm maintained its lead, winning 18% of consumer dollars, and growing one point compared to rolling 4Q ending June 2022.  

In unit share, Amazon continued to lead all other outlets, winning 20% of all purchases – enjoying a significant 5 percentage point increase year-over-year (YOY). 

Draw-Close Rates 

Amazon also took the lead compared to all other major outlets in draw rate, drawing in 26% of all mattress consumers. Additionally: 

  • Amazon’s June 2023 (R4Q) draw rate reflects a 5-point increase YOY.  
  • Of the 26% drawn in, Amazon closed sales with 75% of shoppers – an increase of 3 percentage points compared to the same time last year.  
  • Notably, Amazon had the second highest closing rate, coming in just behind our other leading retailer, Mattress Firm – who held the top spot at 79% close rate. 

Outlets Shopped  

Given the high percentage for close rates, it’s no surprise to see that most mattress purchasers shop only one outlet (71%) and consider only one brand (72%). 

Who leads mattress market share by brand?  

Sealy continues to lead all other mattress brands in both unit and dollar share. Winning 15% unit share as of June 2023, Sealy has maintained this lead for the past 4 years.  

Notably, Sealy’s market winning 16%-dollar share reflects a rebound of 0.4 percentage points after two consecutive years of decline. 

Other mattress brand winners  

  • Serta continues to hold its spot as the second leading mattress brand in both unit and dollar share, with modest gains from this time last year. 
  • Tempur-Pedic comes in as the third leading mattress brand with 3%-unit share and 9%-dollar share. However, despite enjoying a significant unit share increase in 4Q ending June 2022, the Tempur-Pedic brand is seeing a significant decrease YOY in both unit share (-1 points) and dollar share (-2 points). 
  • Coming in close behind Tempur-Pedic for unit share is Purple (3%) and Sleep Number (2%) 

See the full breakdown of brands by market share in our infographic.

What is the average price paid in the US mattress market? 

Across the industry, the average price paid (APP) for a mattress was $763, which reflects no significant change YOY, but has dropped by $7 since June 2022.  

However, the average amount spent at different outlets shows a greater variance. 

Mattress market average price paid by retailer online vs in-store

Average price paid by retailer – mattress market insights 

1. Consumers purchasing at Mattress Firm pay a much higher average price than the industry average – $1,194. 

2. The average price paid at Amazon is more than half the industry average – $303.  

3. Consumers purchasing at specialty or furniture channels pay significantly more than the industry average price paid. 

How are online versus in-store sales trending for the US mattress market?  

Despite Amazon’s lead in unit share, in-store remains the most common sales channel for mattress shoppers, accounting for 51% of purchases

Additional online vs. in-store shopping trends  

  • After a 4-percentage point increase in 4Q ending June 2022, online sales fell 6 points for 4Q ending June 2023.  
  • However, online sales have increased from this time last year. These fluctuations in the purchase channel are likely explained by changes in concerns during and after the pandemic.  
  • Consumers pay a significantly lower average price when purchasing mattresses online, with an online average price paid of only $524. Meanwhile, the average price paid for in-store purchases was more than double – $1,073. 

Other key US mattress market insights 

Durable IQ also goes beyond retailer and brand market share, delivering a comprehensive view of the mattress industry. Here are a few other key insights as of June 2023! 

Mattress Shopper Demographics 

We now know what mattress brands consumer bought most and where they purchased them. Let’s look at who is making those purchases.  

Durable IQ’s census-balanced respondent pool delivers insights on the typical mattress consumer including:  

  • 56% of mattress purchasers are homeowners; 42% are renters 
  • 55% of mattress purchasers are married  
  • 47% of mattress purchases are made with females only involved in the decision; 20% of purchases are made with males only 
  • 45% of purchasers have a household income of $75,000+ 
  • 54% of purchasers are aged 55+ 

Top Selling Mattress Types 

  • Foam mattresses continue to be the most popular mattress type, accounting for 36% of all purchases – a significant increase of 2.7 percentage points versus this time last year. 
  • Hybrid mattresses are the second most popular, making up 24% of all purchases. 

Mattress Purchase Drivers 

  • Tracking with previous years, when it comes to purchasing a mattress at a particular retailer, “competitive price” remains the top driver for retailer selection, factoring into 62% of purchases. 
  • For mattress purchases overall, 40% are made because the “old one was broken.”  
  • Notably, those purchasing at Ashley Furniture are more likely to mention “replacement of existing” as a reason for purchase (56%) than those purchasing at other retailers. 

Get more insight into mattress industry market share 

For more retail sales data, market share, and insights on the mattress market, download the Durable IQ-exclusive infographic below. To see insights for other industries or find out how we can help power growth for your business, contact us today.  

Download the Mattress Market Infographic