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US Furniture Market Infographic

February 1, 2022
traqline Author 3 mins read
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What are the best brands and outlets in the US Furniture market share? – An infographic

TraQline answers the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how” for Furniture market shares. Our quarterly survey will help you understand who’s buying Furniture, where they’re buying it, and what drives their decisions. Our Furniture Market infographic will help you answer the following questions about the market and how it is changing…

Who is leading sales in the Furniture market?

Our infographic will give you greater details, but for now, here’s what you need to know about the market leaders for Furniture:

  • Amazon continues to lead for unit share in the Total Furniture market, growing significantly from this time last year (up almost 3 points from 4Q ending December 2020.  Amazon leads the unit share category by 9 points.
  • The leader in dollar share is Ashley Furniture, about 5 points over the next highest – Amazon and Wayfair. 
  • Wayfair is down significantly (over 1 point) from this time last year in both unit and dollar share.
cropped image of TraQline's Furniture Market infographic

How much do consumers spend on Furniture?

When purchasing Furniture, the 2021 industry average price paid is $690. However, the average amount spent at different retailers vary. For example:

  • Purchasers at Ashley Furniture spent almost twice the industry average, $1,346.
  • Shoppers buying Furniture on Amazon have an average price paid that is significantly less than the industry average ($254).

What demographic is buying Furniture?

Just who buys Furniture? TraQline’s census-balanced respondent pool has given us insights like:

  • Women make solo decisions on what to buy for 51% of Furniture purchases.
  • About 40% of furniture purchases are made by those who have lived at their current address for 5 years or more.
  • Over 70% of purchasers don’t have children in household – 47% have two adults with NO children in residence, 25% are single adult households.

Furniture Market – Online Sales Trends:

With almost half of Furniture purchases now being made online (48% of 4Q ending December 2021), it is important to keep track of online sales trends. Here are just some of the trends that TraQline has uncovered:

  • The percentage of 2021 Furniture purchases made online (48%) is down versus a high of 50% in 2020 –due to more in person shopping because of more positive attitudes toward pandemic concerns.
  • While total 2021 online Furniture purchases have decreased versus 2020, Amazon share of those 2021 online Furniture purchases has increased from 30% in 2020 to almost 37% in 2021 – mostly at the expense of Wayfair and Ikea.


Furniture Market Share Facts:

Curious about other information TraQline’s survey has uncovered? Here’s another preview for you:

  • The 2021 average price paid for Furniture ($690) is up about 20% compared to last year’s average price ($575).
  • 58% of all 2021 Furniture purchases are made by homeowners.  Those purchasing Furniture at Walmart and Target are more likely to be renters (57% and 49% respectively).
  • The most important reason for purchasing Furniture at a particular outlet in 2021 continues to be “competitive price”. 

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