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US Furniture Industry Trends: 2022 Market Share & Statistics [Report]

June 9, 2023
Michael Tucker Author 5 mins read
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us furniture market share

Durable IQ delivers the insights you need to understand who’s buying furniture, where they are buying it, and why. If you are looking for more than market share data for the US furniture industry – you are in the right spot.

Read on to find out what furniture brands consumers are buying most, where they are buying them, and what drives their purchase decisions. For even more insights, download our free US furniture market rankings infographic.

For the purpose of this article, all data insights were pulled from the TraQline platform using the rolling four quarters period ending December 2022, looking at the US Total Furniture category. Contact us for the most recent recent furniture market data, further breakdowns of the data, or to understand the full scope of insights available through TraQline.

Who leads market share in the furniture industry?

Furniture Market Share by Retailer — by units sold

At the end of Q4 2022, Amazon continued to lead other outlets in units sold, with 19% share, which marks a significant increase for the company’s share year-over-year — coming in at just over 1 percentage point higher.

The increase in Amazon’s unit share continues as an upward trend seen in the last several years. In fact, Amazon’s unit share is 10 points higher than the next closest outlet — Walmart at 9% share.

This 10-point share difference over Walmart is the largest seen since Amazon became the share leader in December 2019 (4QE).

Furniture Market Share by Retailer — by dollar share

The outlet leader in dollar share is Ashley Furniture, at 11% share, reigning a whole 4 points higher than the next highest outlet — Amazon at 7%. Despite this win in the market, dollar share for Ashley Furniture is down about 1 point versus a year ago.

Furniture Market Share by Brand

Ashley Furniture is not only a share-leading retailer — the company also leads the market in both brand unit share and brand dollar share. While the company’s 9% brand unit share was followed closely by IKEA at 8% market share, Ashley Furniture’s 16% brand dollar share continued to dominate the market. The next closest brand came in at only 5% share, which was earned by La-Z-Boy.

Online Furniture Market Share

With almost half (49%) of all furniture purchases in 2022 made online, it is critical to keep track of online sales trends. Compared to 2021, the percentage of furniture purchases made online is up from 48%.

Of those furniture sales, the retailers with the highest online conversions unsurprisingly went to the ecommerce powerhouses Amazon and Wayfair – at 75% and 59% respectively. On the flipside, the highest in-store conversions were seen by Rooms to Go and Ashley Furniture — at 29% and 19% respectively.

How much do consumers spend on furniture?

When purchasing furniture in the US, the average price paid is $779 across the industry. This industry average is up 13% compared to last year’s average price ($690).

Notably, the average amount spent at different retailers and by brand can vary. As one interesting example, while Ashley Furniture is leading in market share by unit as both retailer and brand, the company is also over-indexing when compared to the industry on average amount spent. Consumers purchasing from Ashley Furniture spend an average of $1,472 — nearly twice as much as the industry.

Meanwhile, average spending fell below the industry average price paid for other outlets like Amazon (share leader by units sold) and Wayfair.

Another noteworthy callout, while the average price paid by brand was higher among those purchasing La-Z-Boy ($1,579) versus Ashley Furniture ($1,462) both brands are much lower in sales volume compared to other brands.

Who buys the most furniture?

Using our census-balanced data, Durable IQ delivers purchase insights that paint a picture of the typical furniture buyer in the US.

What are the most common demographics of someone looking to buy furniture?

Based on Q4 2022 data…

  • 51% of all furniture purchases are made by women alone; and another 29% of purchases involve both a male and a female
  • About 38% of furniture purchasers have lived at their current address for 5+ years
  • Nearly 70% of purchasers do not have children in the household — where 46% have two adults with no children in residence, and 24% are single adult households.
  • While more than half (58%) of all purchasers own their home, those purchasing Furniture at Walmart and Target are less likely to be homeowners (57% and 55% respectively).

What are the top purchase drivers for furniture sales?

As reported right from the consumers themselves, the most important reasons for purchasing furniture at a particular outlet are “competitive price” (60%) and “good selection of products” (46%).

Download the US Furniture Industry Trends report for even more insights

Durable IQ delivers countless other consumer behavior insights and industry trends for the US furniture market — and beyond. To see the rest of our infographic insights, download the Durable IQ Furniture insights report below.

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