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Bath Fixtures Industry Trends: 2022 Market Share & Statistics [Infographic]

August 2, 2023
Ashley Jefferson Author 4 mins read
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bath fixtures market share infographic

In this article, we analyze a snapshot of time within the bath fixtures market. Through the analysis of bathroom fixtures market share and consumer insights data from 2022, we determine the top brands and retailers, as well as other significant consumer insights.  

Read on to find out what brands consumers are buying most, where they are buying them, and what drives purchase decisions. For even more insights, download our free bath fixtures market rankings infographic. 

All insights were pulled from the Durable IQ market insights platform. For the purpose of this article, we looked at a rolling four quarters period ending December 2022 within the US Bath fixtures category.  

bath fixtures market infographic see the best brands and retailers in the industry

Who are the market share leaders for bath fixtures? 

Bathroom Fixtures Market Share by Retailer 

In 2022, the leading retailer for bathroom fixtures in the US was The Home Depot with 32% market share for units sold, about 7 percentage points higher than the next closest retailer. This continues a 10+ year streak for the company. The next closest outlet was Lowe’s with 25% market share, a 2-percentage point decrease year-over-year. 

The Home Depot and Lowe’s were also the leading retailers in 2022 by dollar share. 

Bathroom Fixtures Market Share by Brand

What are the best bathroom fixture brands? 

 The leading brands for bathroom fixtures differ by unit and dollar share.  

Looking at most units sold, the leading brand for bathroom fixtures in 2022 was Moen, with 17% share.  

For brand dollar share, Kohler (22%) was significantly higher than all other brands, while Moen came in as the second-place winner with a dollar share of 16%. Notably, while Moen’s dollar share was up significantly from the same time last year (up 2 percentage points), Kohler remained flat. 

Is Moen or Delta better? 

Based on 2022 market data, Moen is the more popular brand, winning the most consumers in both units sold and dollar share. Moen enjoyed 16% dollar share, while Delta won only 13% — a 1 percentage point decrease year-over-year. In units sold, Moen earned 17% of the market, while Delta saw another 1 percentage point decrease compared to the prior year, at only 14.5% 

How much are consumers typically spending on small home appliances? 

The industry average when purchasing Bathroom Fixtures in 2022 was $109 – consumers reported about the same for the previous year. Prices paid at Home Depot and Lowe’s were close to this industry average. The Home Depot’s was $115 and Lowe’s was $110. 

However, those purchasing through a contractor continued to show the highest average price paid (at $266) – which was significantly higher than all other outlets. 

Comparatively, shoppers who purchased bathroom fixtures at Walmart enjoyed an average price paid that was significantly lower than other outlets (about $37).  

What consumer demographic buys the most bathroom fixtures? 

In 2022… 

  • 38% of bathroom fixtures were purchased by women alone.  
  • 32% of purchase decisions on fixtures for bathrooms are made by only men 
  • 84% of purchases for new bathroom fixtures are made by homeowners 
  • Two-thirds of bathroom fixture buyers lived at their current residence for 5+ years 

Other key bathroom fixture market insights

Durable IQ delivers a comprehensive view of the kitchen and bath market — from share insights to purchase drivers. Here are a few other key insights on the bathroom fixtures market: 

Online sales: About 25% of bathroom purchases were made through an online channel. 

Number of outlets shopped: Across the industry, 67% of purchasers only shopped at one outlet before purchasing. Shoppers at Walmart show the highest incidence of being drawn and closed with no other stores shopped in the process — with 73% of Walmart purchasers shopping at only Walmart. 

Purchase drivers:  

  • Across all outlets, the two most important reasons for purchasing bathroom fixtures at a chosen outlet was “competitive price” and “good selection of products.”  
  • Amazon purchasers mention “competitive price” as the main reason for outlet choice, coming in at about 20 percentage points higher than all other outlets. 
  • For those purchasing at Walmart, “already in store buying other items” was also a much more important reason than at other outlets. 

Get total market insight for bathroom fixtures

For more insights on the bathroom fixtures market, download the TraQline-exclusive infographic below. To see the insights for other industries or find out how we can help power growth for your business, contact us today.