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Unmatched durable goods business intelligence — now available for academia 

October 6, 2023
Ashley Jefferson Author 2 mins read
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The availability of TraQline data through Dewey is exclusive to the academic community!

For over 20 years, TraQline has been the leading provider of market intelligence to businesses across the durables industry.

Now, TraQline delivers our data to academia, supporting the future of the industry by empowering researchers, professors, and students to better understand the market through insights.

This data is accessible through a new partnership with Dewey — a data platform designed for educational institutions — which delivers our unmatched competitive durables business intelligence with special packaging and pricing exclusive to this key audience.

About our new academia offering

The durable goods market insights and consumer survey data (pulled from Durable IQ) provided through Dewey will empower researchers with the information needed to uncover trends, reveal patterns, and predict consumer behavior across the industry.

Through subscription basis on Dewey, academics can now access:

  • Newly released data from the most recent quarter
  • 250+ durable goods categories (e.g. mattresses, TVs, appliances, etc.)
  • 40 quarters (10 years) of historical trend data, ready for analysis
  • Data on price paid, online vs. in-store shopping, key consumer geodemographics, purchase drivers, brand performance metrics — and more!

TraQline data currently helps durable goods companies like Home Depot, Stanley Black & Decker, Serta Simmons, and other industry leaders to better understand their market and shifting industry trends.

Through our partnership with Dewey, we are doing the same for academia — powering the important research and learning happening within renowned educational institutions across the US.

Published research featuring TraQline data

Various academic institutions already use TraQline data to amplify and support their research, including:

Interested in accessing TraQline’s business intelligence data?

Jump on over to Dewey now to get started. Dewey accounts are free and require only a .edu email to access data subscription details.

To learn more about the data available through TraQline visit the Durable IQ product page or fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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