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TraQline Renames its Flagship Market Share and Consumer Insights Data Solution “Durable IQ”

June 6, 2023
Michael Tucker Author 4 mins read
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Durable IQ name reflects company’s focus on innovation and providing unparalleled intelligence for consumer durables industry

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TraQline, the preeminent provider of consumer insights and innovative market research solutions for the durable goods industry, today announced a new brand identity for its flagship product. Formerly known as TraQline, the trusted market data and consumer insights resource for durables market intelligence is now Durable IQ™.

This rebrand reflects the growth and evolution of the Durable IQ product, as well as the company’s peerless focus on continued innovation to provide best-in-class data and insights for the durable goods industry.

“Building on our strong foundation in market research and consumer behavior measurement, we’re excited to launch the next stage of our company’s evolution with Durable IQ,” said Dave Stevenson, CEO of TraQline’s parent company, The Stevenson Company. “As we continue to innovate on our market intelligence tools, we hope to further our users’ understanding of the consumer durables industry. We look forward to strengthening our position as a leading provider of the most robust and accurate data solutions while continuously delivering new innovations, products, enhancements and features under the TraQline brand.”

Over the past 20 years, TraQline (now Durable IQ) has grown into a complete data solution for the consumer durables sector, with over 600,000 consumers surveyed every year. The company’s analytics cover over 170 product categories and more than 2,500 brands across 1,000+ outlets to achieve 100% market coverage. In addition, Durable IQ measures key growth KPIs such as market share, pricing, demographics and online vs. brick-and-mortar sales.

Some key insights from 2022 include:

  • Home Depot was the number one retailer across 4 of the top 10 consumer durables product categories 2022; Walmart was number one for 3 product categories.
  • Top brands like Samsung, Moen and Peloton lead sales in their respective categories.
  • Online sales continued to grow in 2022 with an 8-point increase since 2018 – with the largest online sales increase still holding from 2019 to 2020.
  • Amazon’s consumer durables share grew 5 percentage points since 2018.
  • Sports equipment had the highest percentage of sales made online versus in-store (66% of the total), exceeding even consumer electronics (45%) and cellphones (34%).
  • Major appliances had the highest average price paid across key consumer durables in 2022, with wall ovens the highest within the product category.
  • Cell phone and consumer electronic purchases tend to have lower income purchasers versus sports equipment whose consumers had higher income.

Under the new name, Durable IQ will continue to the deliver reliable and comprehensive consumer data that users have come to expect from TraQline, empowering them to make informed decisions about product development, marketing and sales strategies within the industry.

This change also positions TraQline as an all-encompassing brand that comprises a full suite of innovative and complementary durable goods insights solutions including Durable IQ, SKU Metrix™ and Hybrid POS™, which together deliver a toolkit providing unparalleled total market insight for marketers, merchandisers and executives.

SKU Metrix and Hybrid POS provide a deeper, more nuanced look into specific industries and categories through SKU-level data — delivering depth of detail to match Durable IQ’s breadth of coverage. Through SKU Metrix, users can access a regularly updated product master that allows for easy comparison of 27,000+ SKUs, including pricing intelligence, availability information, features and more. With Hybrid POS, the SKU intelligence goes even further, showing the top-selling SKUs and SKU share for the nation’s leading retailers.

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TraQline is the leading provider of modern market data solutions for the consumer durables industry. Powered by an innovative suite of solutions, TraQline delivers unparalleled insight into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends across a range of industries, including home appliances, home improvement, consumer electronics, and more. Trusted by businesses for more than 28 years, the company’s comprehensive state-of-the-art data and analytics tools help users make informed decisions to drive growth in their business, inspire new advancements in product development, and develop impactful, efficient, and effective marketing and sales strategies. For more information, please visit

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