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TraQline Releases Ground-Breaking New Hybrid POS SKU Tracking System for Appliances

April 8, 2021
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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The TraQline experts provide a major breakthrough for the major appliance industry, providing brand shares for top selling Major Appliance SKUs within major retailers.


In February 2021, TraQline released the next generation of share tracking systems – TraQline Hybrid POS™ (HPOS). Working together with our extensive client base and TraQline data scientists, market analysts, and economists, TraQline HPOS delivers timely information about top-selling retail major appliance SKUs at the industry’s top retailers.

Boasting over 95% of major appliance manufacturers (North American sales volume) as clients, TraQline is the undisputed industry leader in delivering market share, consumer behavior, and consumer insights to the appliance industry. Using this expertise and strong relationships with both retailers and manufacturers, the team at TraQline has spent over 12 months collecting and analyzing millions of transactions. These data points, plus innovative modeling and technology provide the foundation for a reporting system enabling a more frequent and deeper level of detail about what is selling at major appliance retailers and why. Reporting is available for the following key metrics:

  • Top selling SKUs for top major retailers
  • Daily weekday prices for nearly every SKU sold at these retailers
  • Brand share and SKU share
  • Average web page position for each SKU by retailer, by month
  • Selected planogram layouts (based on extensive floor shops) at each retailer in HPOS system
  • Changes in each of the above over time
  • Comprehensive competitive product library, enabling real time cross-brand and model comparisons

This groundbreaking HPOS system currently encompasses 8 major appliance categories within laundry, cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashers. It is a scalable platform which will enable TraQline HPOS clients to measure which models consumers are buying at its most detailed level. It will also provide the basis for evaluating the impact of promotions run at these leading retailers. The product is a result of painstaking statistical modeling from a team of the industry’s best experts. Upon building the models and calculating the estimated SKU shares, the TraQline team began the process of beta testing with select clients. Feedback from these beta tests have been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the value of the data and validating the arduous work our industry experts have completed.

Eric Voyer, Vice President of TraQline sums up HPOS with the following statement: “For years our clients have been requesting more frequent and more detailed reporting on top selling SKUs at the major retailers. TraQline HPOS is a major innovation in the appliance industry, marrying previously unavailable technology, our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and analytical expertise. It is a game changer for the industry.”

The TraQline HPOS system is available to existing TraQline clients and new clients on a subscription basis. Subscribers have access to all metrics for both history and the 12 months of their subscription period.

About the TSC Hybrid POS System – TraQline (owned by The Stevenson Company) produces this unique and proprietary methodology which provides monthly updates on SKU and brand share for Major Appliances within top major appliance retailers. Reporting began in July 2020 and SKU volumes are frequently updated. Press inquiries or for more information, please contact Eric Voyer; [email protected] OR 502 271-5267.