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Traditional POS Systems vs. TraQline HPOS™

August 5, 2022
traqline Author 3 mins read
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Online Shopping vs In-Store Sales

For more than 25 years, TraQline has been fueling top brands and retailers in the major appliance industry with vital market share data. TraQline’s years of innovation paved a strong foundation for our latest tool—TraQline HPOS™. Our hybrid point-of-sale system is unlike any other tool on the market. Let’s take a closer look at how TraQline is unmatched by traditional POS systems. 

1) Relying on Retailer Participation vs. Advanced Data Collection

Traditional POS systems rely on retailer participation—you need retailers to voluntarily give you their data. However, this process can be quite burdensome. Their participation requires an aggregator to navigate a complicated landscape of legal contracts and jump through compliance hoops. For those retailers who decide not to participate, the traditional POS system will not include the retailer’s data, giving you an incomplete look at the market.

TraQline HPOS uses purchase data independent of retailer participation. How? Major appliance sales data is available without retailer participation; however, this raw data requires an expert in consumer durables and appliances to turn this data into sales estimates. We approach major appliance data collection from every angle—allowing us to fill data gaps of other POS systems. 

2) Transcending Traditional Reporting Limitations

Traditional POS systems rely on proprietary data. When a retailer opts into the reporting process, they continue to own and control that data.  As such, traditional POS systems have strict rules and limitations constricting their reports—both at the store and brand levels. Often these reports strip the data of retailer-specific information and key insights. 

TraQline HPOS transcends these limitations. Our major appliance HPOS system can tell you which SKUs are sold at which retailers. Our detailed SKU-level insights also apply to brands, including private label and derivative brands, allowing us to transcend traditional reporting limitations. 

3) Consistency of Data

When retailers consent to participate in data collection, they can choose to revoke this consent at any time. Each retailer shift—in leadership, marketing, branding, and inventory—causes retailers to monitor their data under a microscope. If they find any insight or advantage they want to hide from other retailers, they will immediately revoke their contracts with traditional POS systems. In this case, the entire system has to be recalibrated and recalculated—while also leaving holes in the insights. 

Because TraQline is independent of retailer participation, the data is more consistent. 

4) Industry Authority

TraQline is an industry authority—we have spent decades building our tools in the major appliance research market. Our history, experience, and authority have helped us transcend the limitations of traditional POS systems to build an unbelievably sophisticated and accurate tool. In addition to the purchase data, our information is validated and informed by other TraQline products and tools—such as our comprehensive SKU Metrix product, Planogram, and proprietary data modeling methods. 

Our team at TraQline has over 40 years of appliance industry expertise. We can confidently say this is the next generation in tracking shares. Hybrid POS provides insights years ahead of traditional POS systems. 

TraQline HPOS: SKU Data for the Major Appliance Market

TraQline is here to provide unmatched insight to major appliance businesses. In addition to TraQline HPOS, you can round out your data with SKU Metrix™ and our quarterly survey insights. Contact our major appliance market research experts for more information or to get started today!