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Tracking Major Appliance Trends with Hybrid POS Data

August 25, 2022
traqline Author 2 mins read
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The market forecast is turbulent and unpredictable, especially for the major appliance industry. However, when you have the right data tools, you can identify market shifts and stay ahead of industry trends. The market research experts at TraQline Hybrid POS™ are here with insight.

How to Measure SKU-Level Market Share

Only Hybrid POS ranks the top-selling SKUs from every brand at the top three major appliance retailers. But the benefit doesn’t stop there – along with rank, Hybrid POS identifies each SKU’s market share and uncovers how price, product, promotion, and placement affect that SKU’s performance for the period. Combined with the TraQline quarterly survey’s history dating back to 2000, Hybrid POS analysis can help you uncover:

  • Market share for each brand and model sold
  • Floor position for each model
  • Website ranking and change over time
  • Model pricing at each of the top retailers – what was the average price for the month? What were the high and low prices?
  • How has appliance market share changed over time, by brand, SKU, and retailer?

By examining these sales trends and insights, you can see how your products stack up versus the competition.

How HPOS Data Estimates Model Performance

TraQline Hybrid POS includes a comprehensive set of synthesized data that can be manipulated, visualized, and filtered for actionable insights. For example, you can use this tool to calculate how price changes or retailer positioning affects a product’s share. Within the tool, you can quantify the results of things like

  • How sale prices have affected shares at a retailer
  • Which floor placements are most ideal for your product
  • Whether having a featured spot on retailer websites affects share

Floor location, website layout, pricing, features, and discounts are all factors that influence consumers making a major appliance purchase. However, many manufacturers and retailers enter the market blindly, making decisions based on rough estimates and “gut feelings.” HPOS data provides detailed insights on how merchandising decisions affect sales—allowing you to stay ahead of changing trends in the major appliance industry.

TraQline Hybrid POS

The market research experts at TraQline have all the tools you need to stay ahead of major appliance trends—including our new Hybrid POS system. We invite you to contact our market research professionals today to learn more or to get started today.