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Snowblower Market Share and Trends: US vs. Canada

March 12, 2022
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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At the peak of this winter season, it seems that the weather has been more unpredictable than in recent years. How has this impacted the snowblower market trends? How do these trends compare across the US and Canada? The market research experts at TraQline are here with insight. 

Top Retailers in the Snowblower Market

Naturally, all OPE retailers want to be consumers’ top choice when they need a new snow thrower. So, which providers took the top spots in 2021? 

According to TraQline data, the leading US retailer in both dollar share and number of units sold was Home Depot. Lowe’s came in at second place, with Independent Power Dealers as a whole coming in third for the US Snowblower market. 

In Canada, Canadian Tire took the top retailer spot, with Home Depot trailing in second. They were followed by Outdoor Power Equipment and Rona.

Snow Thrower Brand Performance

When buyers have a variety of snow thrower options to choose from, you might be wondering, “Which brands earned the most consumer dollars?” 

In the US, Toro was the leading snowblower brand and saw more than a 3 point YoY increase. Snow Joe & Sun Joe took second place —this was also a significant YOY increase, jumping more than 4 percentage points of market share. 

Toro was also the top brand in Canada. Honda trailed behind them, followed by Ariens and Craftsman. 

Purchase Motivation for the Snowblower Market

Naturally, snow and wintery weather are the catalysts for most snow blower purchases. But what motivates shoppers? In the US, the leading motivator was tied between first-time purchases and buyers who found their old unit was broken. 

In Canada, first-time buyers accounted for the largest percentage of sales, while customers reporting that their old unit had broken came in second place.

Online vs. In-Store Snowblower Purchasing Trends

Do users buy snowblowers in-store or online? This year, a large majority of US customers browsed online, while the number of consumers who actually purchased online saw a 4-point increase over last year. 

Meanwhile, a majority percent of Canadian consumers shopped online, but a much smaller percentage purchased online, resulting in a 4-point decrease in online purchases from last year. What could impact these trends? The sudden onset of snowstorms can leave buyers desperate for the immediacy of snow throwers, while the inclement weather can delay online shopping deliveries. 

TraQline: Your Source of OPE Market Share Data

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