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Scaling Consumer Insights in Durable Goods: TraQline Partners With Native AI

June 13, 2024
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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Native + TraQline

The Durable Goods industry is continuously changing — and TraQline strives to support the industry by increasing the data options available to help them navigate those changes.

Our new partnership with Native AI is our latest way of delivering more actionable and impactful insights to Durable Goods. Native AI has a proven history of delivering insights to brands around consumer sentiment and purchase trends through contextual analysis and AI-powered replication of open-ended data sources.

Combining our unmatched SKU-level insights with Native’s technology, we are helping bridge a gap for the durables industry that will build a deeper understanding of the market for brands.

Read the full release below to learn more about this partnership — and contact us to see how TraQline and Native AI can power new understanding of your market.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Native AI, the leader in consumer feedback natural language processing has teamed up with TraQline, the leader in market insights for durable goods, to provide 360-degree market analysis. This partnership, which combines quantitative signals from online and in-store purchases with qualitative feedback from consumers, will allow brands in the durable goods category to close the loop between insights discovery, hypothesis, and validation.

The synergy lies in the data. TraQline monitors millions of online and offline purchases across 270 product categories and tens of thousands of SKUs. This allows brands to evaluate performance by channel, benchmark sales against competitors, and determine market share by SKU for select categories.

Native AI aggregates consumer feedback from most major retailers and ingests first party market research data. Using Natural Language Processing and generative AI, brands can interact with digital representations of these customers, called Digital Twins. Digital Twins use RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) to generate predictive responses from consumers, so brands can gain insight into demographic, behavioral, and interest segments and purchase motivations.

Together, TraQline and Native AI deliver a new solution that allows clients to gain a new depth of understanding into why consumers buy the highest performing models, and identify the most impactful, consumer-driven value proposition for their products.

“TraQline is thrilled to join forces with the Native AI team to deliver unprecedented value to customers in the Home Improvement space,” says TraQline Chief Revenue Officer Eric Voyer. “By marrying our expanding product library of 35,000+ SKUs, our unmatched market intelligence around what models are selling, and Native’s AI-powered analysis of customer feedback, we can pinpoint not only the what, but the why – allowing marketing and merchandising teams to craft better messaging and increase sales.”

To start, clients of Native AI can access promotional pricing for TraQline’s portfolio of solutions, and vice versa. Long term, the companies envision continuing to evaluate ways to integrate each other’s data and features into their respective offerings.

“In today’s data-rich world, there is no shortage of market trend analysis” says Native AI SVP of Revenue Branden Smythe. “The competitive advantage will require gaining a robust understanding of the driving forces behind those predictions. That’s exactly what this partnership will enable.”

To learn more about how Native AI + TraQline can improve your brand performance, reach out to either of the contacts below.

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