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Outdoor Non-Powered Products Market Infographic

July 6, 2021
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What are the best brands and outlets in the US Outdoor Non-Powered Product market share? – An infographic

TraQline answers the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how” for Outdoor Non-Powered Product market shares. Our quarterly survey will help you understand who’s buying Outdoor Non-Powered Products, where they’re buying them, and what drives their decisions. Our Outdoor Non-Powered Products Market infographic will help you answer the following questions about the US market and how it is changing…

Which Retailers are leading sales in the market?

a small portion of the Outdoor Non-Powered Products market infographic, depicting average price paid, brand dollar shares, and outlet draw and close rates.

Our infographic will give you greater details, but for now, here’s what you need to know about the market leaders for Outdoor Non-Powered Products:

  • Despite a decrease from last year, Home Depot remains the unit share leader for Outdoor Non-Powered Products
  • Although Scotts has seen a significant decline year over year, it remains the dollar share leader for Outdoor Non-Powered Products
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How much do consumers spend?

When buying Outdoor Non-Powered Products, the industry average price paid for these products is $41. However, the average amount spent at different retailers can vary. For example:

  • Shoppers purchasing Outdoor Non-Powered Products from Amazon spend $47 on average.
  • Shoppers at Ace Hardware, on the other hand, spend about $26 on average.

What demographic is buying Outdoor Non-Powered Products?

Just who buys Outdoor Non-Powered Products? TraQline’s census-balanced respondent pool has given us insights like:

  • In 45 percent of all Outdoor Non-Powered Product purchases women take the lead
  • The Northeast under-indexes on Outdoor Non-Powered Product buyers

Outdoor Non-Powered Products Market – Online Sales Trends:

Online purchases have nearly doubled compared to a year ago – 17 percent of Outdoor Non-Powered products are bought online.

  • A little over a quarter (26 percent) of buyers shop online for Outdoor Non-Powered Products
  • Amazon is gaining ground as a retailer, winning 9 percent of the market

Outdoor Non-Powered Products Market Share Facts:

Curious about other information TraQline’s survey has uncovered? Here’s another preview for you:

  • 69 percent of Outdoor Non-Powered Products buyers only shop at one store
  • Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart unit shares have all significantly decreased year over year
  • Amazon, Ace Hardware, and Menards have increased significantly during that same time period

To see everything we’ve included on our infographic, fill out the form below and download your own copy:

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