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We are proud to announce that OpenBrand, a market intelligence platform for brands and retailers to leverage AI-driven insights and data, has completed its acquisition of TraQline! Read more here.

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OpenBrand Acquires TraQline — Elevating Market Intelligence for Durable Goods

July 9, 2024
Ashley Jefferson Author 4 mins read
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OpenBrand Acquires TraQline Expanding Market Insights for Durable Goods

Nearly 20 years ago, TraQline was founded as The Stevenson Company, a market research insights firm dedicated to bringing consumer data to the Durable Goods industry.

Since the launch of the now well-known, industry-leading, and still unparalleled market survey (the TraQline survey, now Durable IQ), the company has grown and shifted alongside movement in the industry and the world overall. Technology has advanced, new companies have entered the space, and the needs of the market are ever-changing. TraQline did the same, advancing, growing, and moving forward.

Now, TraQline is changing again. Joining the OpenBrand family of data solutions, TraQline is once again poised to provide unmatched market intelligence to the Durable Goods industry — now with greater depth and breadth than ever before.

Read the full release below to learn more about what this acquisition means for TraQline and our clients — or contact us to see how we’re changing.

OpenBrand Expands Market Intelligence Capabilities With Its Third Acquisition: TraQline 

July 9, 2024OpenBrand, a leading market intelligence platform powered by AI-driven insights, announced the acquisition of TraQline, marking a significant step in the company’s expansion into the market measurement space.

This acquisition is the third by OpenBrand, following the combination with Gap Intelligence and in October 2023, and the acquisition of Competitive Promotion Report (CPR) in March 2024. TraQline, known for its detailed consumer durables market data and analysis, significantly enhances OpenBrand’s ability to offer comprehensive market insights. By integrating TraQline’s market measurement expertise, OpenBrand can now provide clients with an unparalleled understanding of both the causes and impacts of market share shifts across a wider range of industries, including home appliances, consumer electronics, information technology products, and key home improvement categories. Dave Stevenson, President of TraQline, will aid in the seamless integration of the two teams, allowing OpenBrand to offer deeper insights and expand research coverage beyond current sectors, further enhancing clients’ ability to make informed decisions.

Greg Munves, CEO of OpenBrand, stated, “The acquisition of TraQline is a strategic move that significantly enhances the power and reach of our platform. By integrating TraQline’s rich market measurement data with our existing 4Ps and Media data, we can now provide a comprehensive solution that helps our customers not only understand why market share shifts are occurring, but also measure the magnitude of those shifts. Customers will benefit from deeper, more actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in their markets. This acquisition is a critical step in our mission to deliver unparalleled market intelligence and create an unfair advantage for our customers.”

Dave Stevenson, President of TraQline, added, “When I was approached by Greg and the team at OpenBrand, it was clear that this was an ideal opportunity for TraQline to enter its next phase of growth. The capabilities that OpenBrand offers in capturing and delivering timely, accurate data align perfectly with our mission. This partnership will provide our clients with data and insights they cannot get anywhere else.”

OpenBrand will continue to look for acquisitions like TraQline to bring its data and insights offerings to new industries and product categories.

About OpenBrand

OpenBrand (created from the ParkerGale-backed combination of Gap Intelligence,, Competitive Promotion Report, and TraQline) is one of the world’s most respected market intelligence companies. OpenBrand’s data and market research products give manufacturers, resellers, and industry players a competitive edge across a wide range of industries (including IT, consumer electronics, home appliances, health, wellness, beauty, small appliances, and other consumer durables) and help marketing, product, sales, and pricing teams make more informed decisions and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market environment. For more information, please visit