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How Online Shopping is Affecting the Bath Fixtures Market

January 27, 2021
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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With homeowners pouring so much care and attention into their living spaces during extended time at home, we thought that it was time to investigate the data we have available on how homeowners are making purchases to fit the needs of their new “normal”. Specifically, we wanted to know what the Bath Fixtures Market is currently looking like, especially since hygiene is a top priority during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Who are the top players in the Bath Fixtures Market?

At the close of Q4 2020, Home Depot and Lowe’s sit at the top of the Bath Fixtures market, with 35 percent and 27 percent unit share respectively. Amazon takes third place with 8 percent. Walmart and Menards are also top players, with just over 4 percent of the market each. Looking at how the Bath Fixtures market has shifted over the last five years, both Amazon and Home Depot have increased their share. Lowe’s, on the other hand, has lost share in the past five years, decreasing from 30 percent to 27 percent in that time.

The three brands that consumers gravitate towards are Moen, Delta, and Kohler, who have 16 percent, 15 percent, and 14 percent unit share, respectively.

Has the shift to online shopping affected the Market?

While 71 percent of Bath Fixtures are purchased in brick-and-mortar stores, online sales are gaining momentum. Currently, consumers purchase 23 percent of all Bath Fixtures online. As online sales have increased year over year, brick-and-mortar sales have seen a commensurate decline. This year specifically has seen a dramatic increase in online purchases, up from almost 18 percent last year. This increase in online shopping is a primary driver of Amazon’s Bath Fixture Market share increases.

Online Shopping Trends in the Bath Fixture Market

Around 41 percent of consumers report that they do some shopping online before making a Bath Fixtures purchase. While more than half of those customers choose to make their final purchase online (55 percent R4Q Q4 2020), the activities of those who ultimately purchase in store is illuminating. Online shoppers who buy their Bathroom Fixtures in brick-and-mortar stores are more likely to report that they were doing basic product research and searching for promotions before making their purchase. Retailers and Brands alike can capitalize on this by making sure that product information is easy to find and understand on their sites, as well as highlighting any promotional deals they have available.

Overall, the increasing shift to online is not causing a major threat for traditional Bath Fixture Retailers and Brands yet. However, looking at how consumers are shopping and making their choices will give an additional edge as consumer behavior is undergoing rapid change.

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