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Now Delivering More Competitive Business Intelligence Tools for the Outdoor Power Equipment Market!

October 5, 2023
Ashley Jefferson Author 5 mins read
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A top down view of a lawn mower

TraQline now delivers even more unmatched competitive and actionable market intelligence to the outdoor power equipment industry through an update to our Hybrid POS and SKU Metrix systems!

With this update, both our groundbreaking SKU share insights platform and our competitive SKU-level product library are now available for retailers and manufacturers in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) space.

Launched in 2020, TraQline Hybrid POS is groundbreaking visual data analytics platform, delivering brand and retailer market share — by SKU. Similarly, launched in 2022, SKU Metrix delivers the first ever competitive product library to the durables industry.

With this update, Hybrid POS and SKU Metrix are now available for major appliances and outdoor power equipment, with more durables industries to be launched to the platform by the end of the year.

Learn more about Hybrid POS and SKU Metrix for OPE below!

Hybrid POS for OPE: SKU Tracking Insights by Brand & Retailer

TraQline Hybrid POS provides granular-level detail into the OPE industry. With this tool, OPE industry professionals are able to better understand and act on what is selling at the nation’s top OPE retailers — and why.  

Insights now available to the OPE industry include:

  • Brand share data for top selling SKUs at major retailers across the US
  • Twice weekly updated prices for nearly every SKU sold at these retailers 
  • Brand and SKU share 
  • Changes in brand and SKU share over time 
  • Comprehensive competitive product library 
  • Real-time cross brand and model comparisons 
  • and more!

Discover more about Hybrid POS.

Sample data pulled from Hybrid POS for July 2023

Top battery powered leaf blowers sku data for OPE
Top gas and battery powered line trimmers at lowe's and home depot sku data for OPE

SKU Metrix for OPE: SKU Product Matrix & Retail Pricing Intelligence

TraQline SKU Metrix is the most comprehensive product library available for the OPE industry. Designed to save 100s of analyst hours in data scrubbing — and empower them to make data-driven decisions.

Our system currently has 2,600+ SKUs for OPE, and that number is always growing. Platform benefits include:

  • Twice weekly update pricing data for all SKUs
  • Feature normalization across brands
  • Easy comparison of up to six models for all features and attributes [download a free SKU comparison report to see how in-depth our insights go!]
  • Availability information with easy links to store websites
  • and more!

Discover more about SKU Metrix.

TraQline: Competitive Business Intelligence for OPE

Combined with Durable IQ, our flagship consumer insights tool, TraQline delivers a total market insights solution for the industry, empowering insights, marketing, merchandising, sales, and beyond to understand their market better than ever.

The launch of OPE industry data to Hybrid POS was officially announced to the public on October 5. Read the full press release below, as originally posted on EIN Presswire.

Louisville, KY., October. 5, 2023 – TraQline, the leading provider of modern market data solutions for the consumer durables industry, recently released their next generation of Outdoor Power Equipment market share tracking systems – TraQline Hybrid POS™ (HPOS) for OPE. Working together with the company’s extensive client base, TraQline data scientists, market analysts, and economists, developed TraQline HPOS to deliver timely information about top-selling retail outdoor power equipment SKUs at the industry’s top retailers. 
Boasting a client base of over 95% of powered lawn equipment manufacturers (North American sales volume), TraQline is the undisputed industry leader in market share, consumer behavior, and consumer insights for the OPE industry. Using this expertise and strong industry relationships, the team at TraQline spent over 12 months collecting and analyzing millions of transactions. These data points, along with innovative modeling and technology, provide the foundation for a reporting system that enables a more frequent and deeper level of detail around what is selling at the nation’s top OPE retailers — and why.  
“HPOS is the most groundbreaking product the outdoor power equipment space has seen in over a decade,” said Eric Voyer, Vice President of TraQline. “For years our clients have been requesting more frequent detailed reporting on top selling SKUs at the major retailers. TraQline’s HPOS is a major innovation, marrying previously unavailable technology, our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and analytical expertise. It is a real game changer for OPE – as well as the rest of the durable goods industries.” 
Reporting is available for the following key metrics: 
– Top selling SKUs for top major retailers 
– Twice weekly updated prices for nearly every SKU sold at these retailers 
– Brand and SKU share 
– Changes in brand and SKU share over time 
– Comprehensive competitive product library 
– Real-time cross brand and model comparisons 

This industry breaking HPOS system currently encompasses nine outdoor power equipment categories: zero turn mower (ZTR), walk behind mower, riding mower, line trimmer, chainsaw, pressure washer, snow thrower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer.  
TraQline HPOS is a scalable platform, enabling clients to measure which models consumers are buying at the most granular level. It will also provide the basis for evaluating the impact of promotions run at these leading retailers.  
The TraQline HPOS system is available to existing and new TraQline clients on a subscription basis. Subscribers have access to all history metrics as well as the 12 months of their subscription period. Reporting began in 2023, and SKU volumes will update monthly.  
To learn more about TraQline Hybrid POS, visit

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