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Major Appliance Market Share Infographic

April 5, 2022
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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Now available: 2022 major appliance market share data and infographic

What are the best brands and outlets in the Major Appliances market? – An infographic

TraQline answers the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how” for Home Appliances market share. Our quarterly survey will help you understand who’s buying Home Appliances, where they’re buying them, and what drives their decisions. Our infographic will help you answer the following questions about the Major Appliances market and how it is changing…

Who leads sales in the Core Major Appliances market?

Our infographic will give you greater details, but for now, here’s what you need to know about the market leaders for Total Core Major Appliance:

  • Lowe’s holds the lead for unit and dollar share in the Total Core Major Appliance market, though dollar share is relatively flat from last year.
  • Samsung is the brand leader for Total Core Major Appliance with 17.9 percent of unit share.
  • Samsung’s and LG’s share increase is largely at the expense of Whirlpool and Maytag.

How much do consumers spend on Major Appliances?

When buying Total Core Major Appliance, the industry average price paid for these products is $911. However, the average amount spent at different retailers can vary. For example:

  • Shoppers buying Total Core Major Appliance from Lowe’s spend $894 on average.
  • Shoppers at Home Depot on the other hand, spend about $919 on average.

 What demographic is buying Major Appliances?

Just who buys Core Appliances?  TraQline’s census-balanced respondent pool has given us insights like:

  • A little over a third of all Total Core Major Appliance purchases both men and women are both invoiced in the purchase (37%).
  • The South region over-indexes on Total Core Major Appliance buyers.

Core Appliance Market – Online Vs. Brick & Mortar Sales Trends:

With 26% of Total Core Major Appliance purchases being made online, it is vital to keep track of online sales trends. Here’s just some of the trends that TraQline has uncovered:

  • The percentage of Total Core Major Appliance Purchases made online has increased significantly from this time a year ago (26 percent in 2021 vs 25 percent in 2020).
  • Possibly contributing to Home Depot’s growth, 22 percent of the retailer’s Total Core Major Appliance buyers bought online, a significant change year over year.

 Total Major Appliance Market Share Facts:

Curious about other information TraQline’s survey has uncovered?  Here’s a preview for you:

  • The average price paid for Total Core Major Appliance ($911) is up $73 compared to last year’s average price.
  • Home Depot saw significant increases in unit and dollar shares as well as draw and close rate for Total Core Major Appliance.

Learn more about the Major Appliance industry with our suite of market research products including Durable IQ, SKU Metrix, and HPOS. To see everything we’ve included on our infographic, fill out the form below and download your own copy: