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Introducing Durables Digest: Your Go-To Business Podcast for Consumer Durables Insights 

April 12, 2024
Ashley Jefferson Author 6 mins read
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Staying current on market changes, consumer trends, and industry news — and what it all means for your business — is a critical part of remaining competitive in consumer durables.  

Which is why we are excited to announce the launch of Durables Digest, the new podcast powered by TraQline. 

Hosted by market research experts Brian Lamar and Eric Voyer, Durables Digest is designed to keep listeners informed on the latest news in durables, trade show highlights, key data insights, market research topics, and more.  

Let’s dive into the details of what Durables Digest is all about. 

Going Beyond Market Share with Durables Digest the latest consumer durables & retail industry podcast  

Why launch a podcast — and why Durables Digest?  

As it goes, “timing is everything.”  

Not only is TraQline venturing into a new era of data innovation for the durables industry, but Brian Lamar recently joined our leadership team as Strategic Director of Survey Products. Brian has a history of leading a successful business podcast and jumped on the opportunity to bring a similar source of information and discourse to the durables industry. Joined by TraQline veteran and Chief Revenue Officer, Eric Voyer, the duo is poised to use their expertise to build a community around data innovation in consumer durables.  

The show aims to provide industry deep-dives into data trends, trade show highlights, and news — as well as go well beyond that — all packaged into engaging and conversational podcast episodes. In the three episodes already live, topics of discussion include Home Depot’s acquisition of SRS Distribution, highlights from the National Hardware Show in March, 2023 durables market trends, the importance of AI in market research, and more. More about these episodes below. 

What to Expect  

Durable Digest episodes will be between 20-30 minutes and are currently audio-only. Listeners can expect a wide array of content, including: 

  • Data Insights: our “Data Bytes” segment will be a reoccurring look into the latest data trends impacting the durables market. 
  • Industry Events & Trade Show Highlights: hear the latest from industry events, including innovations and breakthroughs, discourse live from the floor, and session highlights. 
  • Breaking News: industry expert responses to the latest current events in durables. 
  • Expert Insights: occasional guest appearances from other industry professionals, offering key perspectives on topics of interest. 

Durables Digest is designed to be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in more in-depth discussions on the consumer durables market. Whether you’re a market research professional, a product developer, retailer or manufacturer — or just someone with a keen interest in the industry — this podcast has a little something for you.  

Meet Your Hosts 

Brian Lamar and Eric Voyer are not just our show hosts; they are seasoned veterans of the market research world.  

About Brian 

Brian’s passion for data quality and analytical spirit has been instrumental in shaping market trends and strategies for numerous companies. Previously at EMI, where he co-hosted the Intellicast podcast, Brian has over 25 years in market research, panel management, and survey design.  

At TraQline, Brian’s focus is on continuous improvement of TraQline Durable IQ, the company’s industry-leading market insights platform. He is involved in numerous industry committees to improve data quality, and frequently writes on relevant market research topics. 

He’s also a husband and the proud father of a trade show-frequenting pup Bonnie (pictured here, check out Episode 3 for more on this!).

About Eric 

Eric’s long-time commitment to the durables industry shines through his 20-year tenure with TraQline. Currently the Chief Revenue Officer, Eric truly knows the ins-and-outs of market research, starting with the company as a field researcher and working his way through various other facets of market research roles.  

Resident of Louisville, KY (where TraQline is based), Eric is passionate about home improvement (check out Episode 1 to hear about one of his recent projects!), bourbon, his wife, and his two sons.  

 Together, Brian and Eric — as well as their shared passion for unveiling the stories behind the data and combined 40+ years in market research — are uniquely positioned to host our podcast, aimed at promoting data innovation and market insights for durable goods. 

Tune In Now 

The series is already rolling! Check out our inaugural episodes now, which cover the following topics: 

Episode 1: National Hardware Show & Data Quality Issues: Brian and Eric introduce the show, a little about themselves, and dive into the highlights and key takeaways from the National Hardware Show, as well as how global organizations are working to better data across industries. Listen to “Two Men & Some Cat Videos; National Hardware Show” now. 

Episode 2: Home Depot Acquisition of SRS & 2023 Online Shopping Trends in Durables: Our hosts review the 2023 in Review snapshot insights published by TraQline last month, including Amazon’s rise as a durable goods retailer, and also discuss Home Depot’s acquisition of SRS. Listen to “Is Amazon Coming for You?” now. 

Episode 3: AI & Data Quality: Live from the Insights Association 2023, hear about the highlights of AI in market insights and data quality improvements. Brian and Eric are joined by Andrew DeCilles, VP of Alternative Data Solutions at TraQline. Listen to “Nerding Out on AI & Data Quality” now. 

Join the Durables Discussion 

Durables Digest is meant to be more than just a podcast; we want to build a community of individuals that are passionate about market research in the consumer durables industry. We encourage you to reach out with topics or questions you’d like to hear featured on a future episode.  

Text the podcast at (502) 785-3608 to submit your ideas or provide feedback.  

How to Subscribe 

Durables Digest is available on various platforms, as shown below — or listen right on our site at Subscribe today to ensure you never miss an episode. If you enjoy the show, please drop a rating on Spotify (in the app, under the About section of the show page), and share the podcast with peers to help spread the word.