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Hybrid POS™ Features: Revolutionizing the Major Appliance Market

October 5, 2021
traqline Author 4 mins read
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TraQline Hybrid Point of Sale (HPOS)™ is a new model tracking system for the Major Appliances market. This system taps into TraQline’s extensive data pipelines to synthesize major appliance information and statistics across the industry. TraQline’s HPOS™ technology helps major appliance businesses measure, analyze, plan, and implement data-driven insights. Here is an overview of the features you can find within our major appliance HPOS™ system.

Multiple Data Input Sources

TraQline HPOS™ is powered by multiple data sources—including floor shops and website intelligence.

  • Floor shops: Our insights include a summary of major appliance sales insights, including time of purchase, retailer, region, etc. This encompasses detailed information—down to each SKU on the sales floor. Included images allow you to view product placement, display, and pricing. Meanwhile, our HPOS™ metrics provide insight into more obscure factors like promotional activity, brand mix, product mix, and product location. 
  • Website intelligence: Using the latest technology, TraQline HPOS™ scrapes pricing, image, and feature information from retailer and brand websites every day. We then synthesize and condense this information down into actionable insights, allowing you to identify new products, competitive models, and normalized features at a glance. 

Up-to-Date Performance Insights: Major Appliance Industry Statistics

The appliance market constantly shifts and changes—with the market, economy, new releases, seasonal impacts, consumer needs, and so much more. Evolving metrics require up-to-date insights. This is why the TraQline HPOS™ system provides monthly data performance updates. Model-level data can help you tactically address any shift in the industry and stay ahead of the competition.

Data-Driven Marketing and Merchandising Decisions

As you look for opportunities to grow, you might find yourself relying on “gut feelings” when making marketing and merchandising decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions can be a hard sell to management and may lead to less accurate results. 

The alternative? Many industry experts have had to tirelessly track down bits and pieces of market information. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also leave you following a patchwork roadmap on your way to success. 

TraQline HPOS™ is here to revolutionize how you make marketing and merchandising decisions. This platform makes all of the latest information available to you in a convenient deliverable each month. Our HPOS™ will analyze how changes to your product, pricing, promotions, or placement impacts sales over time. These insights can help you accurately measure the value of adaptations and tailor your efforts to success with data-driven confidence. 

Major Appliance Insights Across the Industry

TraQline HPOS™ provides comprehensive performance insight. As such, this system helps you understand both your company’s performance and how it stacks up across the competition. Let’s take a look at these two perspectives:

  • Understanding Your Performance: This tool will analyze your sales changes over time—helping you measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of a product change or marketing approach. 
  • Keep Tabs on the Competition: Understanding your competition can help you put your performance in context. TraQline HPOS™ provides model-level performance data for every major US retailer. 

Breaking Down Market Share: Major Brands and Retailers

TraQline’s HPOS™ dives deep into the major appliance industry—allowing you to work with relevant data on a granular level. Our comprehensive scope extends down to individual models and SKUs. You can track and view these changes over time for a birds-eye view of the major appliance market. 

Unlock the Power of TraQline HPOS™

Are you ready to get next-level appliance market insights on your side with TraQline HPOS™? We invite you to contact our professionals today with any questions you may have. Our HPOS™ experts will be in touch with you to discuss pricing, product features, and more. Get started today to unlock a new level of data with TraQline HPOS™.