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How TraQline SKU Metrix™ Saves Your Business Time and Money

June 29, 2022
Ashley Jefferson Author 4 mins read
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TraQline has been a reliable source of market share and consumer data for more than 25 years. Our business is continuously growing and evolving to provide the best data possible. This progress is reflected in SKU Metrix™, which offers real-time comparisons of more than 17,000 active and discontinued SKUs in the Major Appliance industry. 

What is SKU Metrix?

SKU Metrix is an insights tool from the market research experts at TraQline that dives into the depths of competitive intelligence. Let’s take a look at 4 ways your major appliance business saves time and money with SKU Metrix.

1: Optimized Pricing Insights

Pricing is an age-old challenge in sales. Overpricing your market will cause customers to walk away—while underpricing your market will leave money on the table. SKU Metrix helps you forget the pricing tightrope in favor of data-driven decisions. Competitor pricing insights will pinpoint which price ranges the current market supports. Identifying opportunities to implement higher prices will help improve your margins. Finding lower price point opportunities helps drive volume essential for growing top-line revenue. 

2: Data-Driven Support for Your Staff

Competitive floor audits provide essential information on models and brands—but audits are time-consuming, expensive, and can be prone to errors.  SKU Metrix provides critical data on competitive SKUs. When it comes to staffing, this SKU data will support several areas of your business—saving time and money across departments:

  • Onboarding: You could easily spend a full week reviewing a comprehensive breakdown of competitor models, features, prices, and distribution with each new hire. SKU data gets new employees up to speed by synthesizing an industrial amount of information into an easy-to-digest overview. 
  • Sales: With the help of in-depth intelligence about competitive offerings, sales teams can validate pricing and make compelling, data-driven sales calls proven to boost profits. SKU data also helps sales teams organize and present data in client meetings and establish a common language to achieve shared goals.   
  • Merchandising: Marketing and merchandising have never been easier. The product team can know which features or prices to highlight in advertisements and promotions by understanding how it compares to competitors. 

In addition to helping onboard staff quickly, SKU Metrix helps you sidestep potential staffing shortages in the data and market research industry. This platform keeps up with the day-to-day workload equivalent to as many as four analysts.

3: Making Fast, Accurate Decisions

Far too often, major appliance manufacturers play a guessing game when making vital business decisions. 

  • Are you worried about missing a trending feature? 
  • Do you fear that your price points will miss the mark with consumers? 
  • Do you need to know your competitors’ offerings at other retailers? 

With accurate SKU data on your side, you will make critical business decisions with confidence. 

SKU Metrix data includes the largest up-to-date major appliance feature list available, which can be easily filtered, aggregated, sorted, and compared. It also includes real-time pricing updates and other data-driven insights.

When you understand how your new products stack up in the market, making features, pricing, marketing, and other decisions become exponentially simplified.

4: Quicker Results with Proven Insights on Your Side

Whether you are launching a new major appliance product or hoping to improve sales, you can expect your results to reflect the quality of your data. 

Not only does SKU Metrix help decrease the amount of time you spend collecting competitive intelligence, but it also increases data frequency, accuracy, and scope. With high-quality data on your side, you can set your business up for quicker, more favorable results. These insights will also help convince retailers that your product deserves a front-and-center position in their showrooms. 

TraQline SKU Metrix

SKU Metrix is here to help businesses in the major appliance industry thrive. You can get a free demo or contact our market research professionals to get started today.