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Home Depot Retains the Lead in the Outdoor Products Market

July 6, 2021
Ashley Jefferson Author 4 mins read
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From shovels and wheelbarrows to pesticides and grass seed, the outdoor products market is filled with all those non-powered products that make outdoor living even more of an extension of the home. When it comes to buying these products, Home Depot maintains. A few other retailers are not far behind, however, and some retailers have stepped into the arena.

Let’s take a closer look at just where Home Depot was hanging out in the outdoor products market as of the 4Q end in March 2021.

A Look at the Top Retailers in the Outdoor Products Market

a bar graph depicting unit share for the top 5 retailers in the outdoor non-powered products market
Source: TraQline Quarterly Survey, R4Q end Mar 2021

In the 4Q ending March of 2021, Home Depot remained the leader in both dollar and unit shares (21 and 23 percent, respectively). However, both shares have experienced a slight downtick since the year before. Lowe’s and Walmart have also seen declined shares. Amazon had the most significant increase in both dollar and unit shares between 4Q end March 2020 and 4Q end March 2021. The online retailer had a 3 percent increase in the dollar and unit shares year over year (YoY).

How many retailers were considered before a purchase?

Sixty-nine percent of consumers shopping for outdoor products found just what they wanted at one store. Those numbers were actually higher if they shopped at Ace Hardware, Walmart, or Menards. Interestingly, those shopping for outdoor products with online-dominant retailers like Amazon were slightly more likely to have shopped at 3 stores or more.

What about online sales of non-powered outdoor products?

Online sales in every market had a major uptick in 2020 due to the pandemic. Internet sales for outdoor products leveled off by Q1 2021. Most consumers surveyed (81 percent) purchased products in-store, while only 17 percent purchased what they needed online. The retailer with the most online sales was Amazon, but Walmart had 10 percent online sales for outdoor products. On the other hand, Ace Hardware and Menards had the most in-store sales, tied at 97 percent.

Why Consumers Buy from One Retailer Over Another

So, why did shoppers prefer to shop at one retailer over another? Even though good selection and previous experience with a retailer have grown increasingly important YoY, a competitive price remained the top reason for retailer choice in the 4Q ending March 2021. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of shoppers who bought at Home Depot (67 percent) chose the retailer because of the competitive price. By comparison, 36 percent of Ace Hardware shoppers were there because of the price. Ace was one of the few retailers that people preferred primarily because of its convenient location (49 percent).

Who shops where for outdoor products, geographically speaking?

Because so many consumers prefer to shop in-store for non-powered outdoor products, geography and store availability are closely linked to who buys products at what retailer. Nationwide, Home Depot was the leading retailer in the 4Q ending March 2021 at 23 percent, but Lowe’s was close behind at 20 percent. These numbers reflect the fact that both stores have a significant presence across the country. Nevertheless, people preferred Lowe’s in the south. Menards, a primarily Midwest-based retailer, only had a significant regional share in the Midwest, the retailer tied with Walmart at 15 percent.

Get an In-Depth Look at the Outdoor Products Market

Home Depot has long been the go-to retailer for outdoor products, and it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon. While other retailers like Lowe’s and Walmart also have their stable places in the market, market analysis shows a slight uptick in more localized, small-scale retailers like Ace Hardware closing sales. Want a closer look at the outdoor products market? Be sure to get the TraQline infographic for a more in-depth look.