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Features of TraQline SKU Metrix™

November 29, 2022
traqline Author 3 mins read
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SkuMetrix product banner on two monitors while a woman works at her desk

TraQline’s SKU Metrix™ is a revolutionary tool, changing the way businesses evaluate product comparisons and thrive within the major appliance market. 

Essentially an interactive and next-level appliance matrix, SKU Metrix can instantly process and sort through a comprehensive product database to uncover valuable insights on the major appliance industry – down to SKU, brand, and retailer specific details.

Here is a look at some of the SKU Metrix features you won’t want to miss. 

Compare Active and Discontinued SKUs

SKU Metrix keeps a comprehensive library of both active and discontinued SKUs in the major appliance market. You can reference and compare active SKUs to better understand your competitors—instantly comparing pricing and feature details. 

Additionally, you can look to discontinued SKUs when seeking ways to fill market gaps. This feature also helps you learn from your competitors’ mistakes in understanding why certain products were discontinued. 

Timely Pricing Insights 

It is no secret that pricing is a central factor in major appliance sales decisions. 

SKU Metrix lets you easily compare pricing on over 17,000 active and discontinued SKUs across 16 categories. 

For any appliance, view the pricing details collected and compiled from retailer sites across the web — continuously updated. You can also view pricing trends for each SKU. 

This data is designed to help you strategize competitive pricing, coupons, discounts, and marketing angles to ensure your major appliance products stand out.  

Sort, Filter, and Compare SKUs

View your market under a microscope by filtering, sorting, and comparing SKUs to gather relevant insights. The capabilities of this feature can help you identify and understand opportunities in your market. 

SKU Metrix also offers an intelligent search feature that automatically generates similar SKUs. 

Using the prominent features of any major appliance product, the tool will create a list of similar SKUs so that you can quickly understand a sector or effortlessly keep tabs on your market. 

Instant Brand Audits

Last but not least, uncover new perspective on your brand or product line – or a competitor’s.

At the click of a button, SKU Metrix can generate an audit of any tracked major appliance brands. 

With this feature, you can view all of the active and discontinued SKUs for any brand, configured into easy-to-digest categories, making it easy to explore the data you are most interested in. 

TraQline SKU Metrix: Your Source of SKU Data

TraQline’s SKU Metrix can help you dominate the major appliance market. Combined with our consumer insights tool and our TraQline Hybrid POS™ system, you can find all of the insights you need to comprehensively ensure your business is set up for success.