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Durable Goods Industry 2023 Retail Sales Data & Market Share Insights [Report] 

February 21, 2024
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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From the market launch of countless new products to the ongoing OPE gas vs. battery debate and the continued rise of durable goods orders, 2023 brought along a notable amount of change across the durable goods industry 


With that in mind, TraQline conducted a retail sales data analysis of the 2023 market, highlighting insights including:

  • Brand and retailer share winners by industry
  • Online vs. in-store purchase shifts
  • Consumer demographic insights
  • Average price paid trends
  • …and more! 

Discover key takeaways from the 2023 durable goods market report below, or download the full report now!

Key Takeaways: Durables Market Trends & Retail Sales Data Analysis

While full of additional insights on the market are some key takeaways from the report.  

2023’s Biggest Winners in Market, Product & Unit Share 

  1. Home Depot was the number one retailer across four of the top 10 product categories tracked in Durable IQ; Amazon was the top retailer for three categories.
  2. Furniture & Fitness Equipment saw the greatest increase in unit share vs 2022 with +3.5 and +3.4 percentage points, respectively; Cell Phones dropped 2.1 percentage points in 2023.
  3. Brand winners vary by product category with top brands like GE, Kohler, and Peloton taking the lead in their respective categories (Appliances, Kitchen & Bath, and Fitness Equipment).

2023 Online Durables: Sales Continue to Fall & Other Notable Shifts

  1. While online sales continue to level off – the gap in average price paid (APP) between in-store and online increased with an average of $18 less spent online.
  2. Fitness Equipment saw the highest percentage of online sales (65%) when compared to any other Durable IQ product category.
  3. Amazon’s share in consumer durables has grown 5 percentage points since 2019.
  4. Fitness Equipment, Small Appliances, and Consumer Electronics were the top three product categories sold on Amazon.

2023 Consumer & Product Trends in Durables

  1. Major Appliances (MA) saw the highest average price paid across top Durable IQ product groups. Despite the $103 decrease in APP from 2022, Wall Ovens remain on top with the highest APP within MA.
  2. Cell Phone and Consumer Electronic purchases tend to have lower income buyers versus Fitness Equipment, where consumers had higher income.
  3. A higher percentage of baby boomers purchased Kitchen & Bath, Home Improvement, and Lawn & Garden products than any other generation, while a higher percentage of millennials purchased Fitness Equipment.

Download the report to view all the 2023 insights.

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