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A Look at 2021 Mattress Industry Market Share

March 18, 2022
Ashley Jefferson Author 3 mins read
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With new and online mattress retailers becoming increasingly popular, the mattress industry is changing every day. As manufacturers work to gain market share, the most reliable source of actionable data comes directly from consumer behavior. The experts at TraQline are here with a closer look at the mattress industry data, trends, statistics, and market share insights from 2021. 

An Overview of the Mattress Industry

The mattress industry scope covers a comprehensive array of mattress types, including inner-spring coil mattresses, pocketed-spring coil mattresses, foam mattresses, water mattresses, air mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. However, it does not encompass peripheral purchases, such as box springs, bed frames, or headboards.

Mattress Data, Statistics, and Market Share Insights

Keeping an eye on mattress industry data can help you complete line reviews, gain market share, and defend against competitive threats. Three main metrics to watch include top-performing mattress brands, online vs. brick-and-mortar mattress sales, and consumer purchase motivation

Top-Performing Brands and Retailers in the Mattress Industry

In the US mattress industry, our 2021 top-performing retailer was The Mattress Firm with the largest percentage of the market share. This is followed closely by Mattress Store. Conversely, Canada’s top mattress retailer was Sleep Country—winning the most consumer dollars. This was followed by The Brick. 

While there were stark differences between the US and Canadian mattress retailer performance, the industry’s brand performance showed close similarities. Which brands took the top spot in the mattress industry? Closing out 2021, the top brand in both the US and Canada was Sealy

Online vs. In-Store Mattress Sales

Mattress showrooms have a long history of driving confidence in sales—allowing customers to experience and compare mattresses firsthand before buying. However, since COVID concerns began, customers have been more willing to buy online. Improved online shopping experiences, satisfaction guarantees, and more widely available customer reviews may also be driving factors in the success of online mattress sales. However, brick-and-mortar mattress sales still narrowly lead in both the US and Canadian markets. 

Consumer Motivation: Why Do Customers Buy a New Mattress?

Understanding consumer motivation can help both brands and retailers stay competitive in the mattress industry. The purchase motivation metrics were consistent across the US and Canadian mattress markets—with slightly different sales percentages:

  • The leading motivator of mattress purchases was damage, breakage, or other issues with the consumer’s current mattress. This held true for both US and Canada. 
  • The second leading motivation for consumer mattress purchases was moving to a new home.
  • The third leading motivator for mattress sales was consumers simply wanting a new one.. 

TraQline: Your Source of Mattress Market Data

This report merely scratches the surface of our mattress industry data. You can receive the same quarterly reports with in-depth insights used by top mattress industry leaders by partnering with TraQline. We invite you to contact our professionals to learn more today.