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Advancing the durable goods industry through unmatched consumer and competitive data insights — from market share to SKU.


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Designed to power your growth

Whether a manufacturer, retailer, marketer, or beyond, TraQline can help identify new opportunities,
optimize strategies, measure performance, and achieve greater success.

Market Share, Consumer &
Competitive Insights

Power business growth with industry-wide insights that go well beyond market share

  • 100% market coverage —all brands, all retailers
  • Competitor & demographic insights
  • 270+ product categories
  • Intuitive analysis & reporting

SKU-Level Brand & Retailer
Performance Data

Accelerate innovation and growth with insight into SKU performance at the nation’s leading retailers

  • Market share by SKU
  • Pricing, promotion, placement & product insights
  • Monthly updates & rankings
  • Single SKU analytics

Competitive Product
Library & Intelligence

Save hundreds of analyst hours with real-time pricing, feature comparison & product availability

  • 38,000+ SKUs
  • Easy pricing, attribute & availability comparison
  • Normalized features across all brands
  • Weekly updates

Get the market & consumer
insights you need

From consumer behavior to SKU-level data, no one does durables like TraQline. See how we help clients stay innovative through market intelligence.

Why Brands Trust TraQline

Total Market to
SKU Detail

From SKU-level market share data for brands and retailers to comprehensive competitive intelligence, TraQline delivers the information you need to better track, measure, and gain share.


Each member of our account service team has been working with TraQline data for an average of 15 years! Our experts will help you interpret the data to get the answers you need and maximize your return on investment.

Depth of
Market Coverage

Across our product suite, we have tracked over 33,000,000 purchases across 200+ consumer durables categories for 20+ years — delivering macro and micro views of your industry.

Actionable &
Accurate Data

The TraQline suite of products delivers the most accurate view of the market, measuring who, what, where, and why consumers buy durable goods.

Innovation Powered by TraQline®

Trusted durables market intelligence
built for the future of your business

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