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Small Appliance market share by brand & retailer
Which retailers sell the most Small Appliances?
Walmart, Amazon, and Target were the top 3 retailers in the US representing 72% of the Small Appliances market.
Which brand has gained unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Qs for Blenders?
Ninja has gained unit share the past 3 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
What percent of Coffee Maker buyers shopped online and purchased online?
59% of Coffee Maker buyers shopped online while 41% bought online.
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest close rate for Small Appliances?
Keurig had the highest close rate of the leading Small Appliances brands. Ninja was second.
Competitive market analytics
Which brand website did Food Processor buyers go to most?
More Food Processor buyers went to the Ninja website than any other brand.
Which two retailers have the highest dollar share for Small Appliances?
Amazon and Walmart were the top 2 retailers in dollar sales.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping the top 2 brands for Blenders?
When Blender buyers shop at both Ninja and Hamilton Beach, Ninja wins 74% of the time.
Which two brands have the highest unit share for Toasters?
Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker were the top 2 brands in unit sales for Toasters.
Consumer demographics and purchase insights
What are the top two brands among female purchasers for Small Appliances?
The top two favorite brands among female buyers for Small Appliances are Hamilton Beach and Keurig.
What are the top 2 reasons for ‘Why Bought Brand’ for Food Processor?
Competitive price and features desired were the top 2 reasons for brand purchase in Food Processor.
How many buyers were offered extended warranty and how many bought it?
47% of Toaster Oven buyers were offered an extended warranty. 5% purchased it.
What are the top two Toaster brands among male purchasers?
The top two favorite brands among male buyers for Toasters are Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart.
Product insights by category
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest walk rate for Coffee Makers?
Black & Decker had the highest walk rate of the leading Coffee Maker brands. Nestle was second.
Which brand has lost dollar share over the most consecutive rolling 4Qs?
Cusinart has lost dollar share the past 5 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
How has the average price of Toaster Ovens changed over the past few years?
The average price paid for Toaster Ovens was $105 up 17% versus three years ago.
For Food Processor, what brand has the highest unit growth rate in the past year?
Of the leading brands for Food Processor, Ninja had the highest unit growth rate in the past year.
Source: TraQline Data, Ending Q4 2023

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Complete industry market share
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Consumer ‘why’ behind the buy
  • Uncover the factors that influence Small Appliance purchasing decisions
  • Gain insights into the demographics of your target consumer
  • Visualize the stores and brands that customers shop before making a purchase
Data insights by product category
  • Analyze the performance of top brands, retailers, and demographics across various Small Appliance categories
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends and consumer behavior

Product categories tracked by TraQline

Bread Makers
Clothes Irons
Coffee Makers
Electric Air Cleaner
Electric Can Openers
Food Mixers
Countertop Microwaves
Portable Fans
Portable Room Heater
Sewing Machines
Steam Cleaners
Vacuums (Hand-held, Full-size, Stick-type)
Food Processors

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