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Paint & Stain market share by brand & retailer
Which retailers sell the most Paints & Stains?
Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart were the top 3 retailers in US representing 68% of the Paints & Stains market.
Which brand has gained unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Qs for Paints & Stains?
Behr and Sherwin Williams have gained unit share the past 3 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
What percent of Interior Paint buyers shopped online and purchased online?
13% of Interior Paint buyers shopped online while 4% bought online.
Which generation buys Exterior Paint the most?
Baby Boomers were the largest generation segment buyers for Exterior Paint.
Competitive market analytics
Which brand website did Primer buyers go to most?
More Primer buyers went to the Kilz website than any other brand.
Which two retailers have the highest dollar share for Interior Paint?
Home Depot and Sherwin Williams were the top 2 retailers in dollar sales for Interior Paint.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping the top 2 brands for Polyurethane/Varnish per Ticket?
When Polyurethane/Varnish (per ticket) buyers shop at both Home Depot and Lowe’s, Home Depot wins 55% of the time.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping both Kilz and Behr for Primer?
When Primer buyers shop both Kilz and Behr, Kilz wins 52% of the time.
Consumer demographics and purchase insights
Which gender buys the most Paints & Stains?
51% of Paints & Stains buyers were male.
What are the top 2 reasons for ‘Why Bought Brand’ for Exterior Paint?
Quality product and competitive price were the top 2 reasons for brand purchase in Exterior Paint.
What was the top reason respondents purchased Paints & Stains?
Routine maintenance or minor repair was the top reason respondents purchased Paints & Stains.
Which state sells the most Interior Paint?
Of those who bought Interior Paint, 8% are from California.
Product insights by category
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest walk rate for Primer?
Valspar had the highest walk rate of the leading brands. Sherwin Williams was second.
Which brand has lost unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Q Interior Paint?
Valspar has lost unit share the past 4 consecutive rolling 4Qs for Interior Paint.
How has the industry’s average price paid compared over the years?
Average price paid for Polyurethane/Varnish per Ticket was $23. This was up 21% from last year and up 44% from 5 years ago.
For Paints & Stains, what retailer has the highest APP change in the past year?
Of the leading retailers for Paints & Stains, Walmart had the largest YOY price change at 13%.
Source: TraQline Data, Ending Q3 2023

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