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Comprehensive brand & retailer share insights
Which retailers sell the most Line Trimmers?
Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon were the top 3 retailers in US representing 62% of the Line Trimmer market.
Which brand of Total OPEI Singles has gained unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Q?
Stihl has gained unit share the past 3 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest close rate for Walk Behind Mowers?
Ryobi had the highest close rate of the leading Walk Behind Mower brands. Toro was second.
What percent of Pressure Washer buyers shopped online and purchased online?
55% of Pressure Washer buyers shopped online while 31% bought online.
Competitor Insights
How many different SKU brands make up the top 5 Line Trimmer brands?
3 brands make up the top Line Trimmer brands: Ryobi, Echo, and Craftsman.
For Chain Saws, what brand has the highest unit growth rate in the past year?
Of the leading brands for Chain Saws, Dewalt had the highest unit growth rate in the past year.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping at Home Depot vs Lowe’s for Lawn Care?
When Lawn Care buyers shop at both Home Depot and Lowe’s, Home Depot wins 55% of the time.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping both Ryobi and Craftsman for Outdoor Power Equipment?
When Outdoor Power Equipment buyers shop both Ryobi and Craftsman, Ryobi wins 58% of the time.
Consumer Insights
Which gender buys the most Snow Throwers?
69% of Snow Thrower buyers were male.
What are the top 2 reasons for Why Bought Brand for Total OPEI Single Products?
Competitive Price and Features Desired were the top 2 reasons for brand purchase in Total OPEI Single Products.
What are the top 2 reasons for Why Bought Store for Total Outdoor Power Equipment?
Competitive price and Good selection of Products were the top 2 reasons for store purchase in Total Outdoor Power Equipment.
Which state sells the most Total Outdoor Power Equipment?
Of those who bought Total Outdoor Power Equipment, 10% are from Texas.
SKU Level Insights
What is the total percentage of market share of the top 5 Walk Behind Mowers for June 2023?
Honda, Craftsman, Toro and Kobalt each have models in the top five Walk Behind Mowers. These five models account for 35.3% unit share.
What was the top selling leaf blower model in June 2023?
Honda Leaf Blower SKU: HRN216VKA was the top selling model with a unit share of 9.4%
How many Kobalt walk behind mowers are in the top 20 at Lowe’s in June 2023?
There are 3 Kobalt walk behind mowers in Lowe’s top 20. The top selling model is Kobalt SKU: KPM 1040-03 with 8% unit share at Lowe’s.
How many walk behind mower SKUs are available at Lowe’s as of June 2023?
Of the 1000+ SKUs in our SKU Metrix database, there are 116 models available at Lowe’s.
Pricing insights
For Line Trimmers, what brand has the highest APP change in the past year?
Of the leading brands for Line Trimmers, Ryobi had the largest YOY price change at -5%.
What is the price and model number of the top selling Walk Behind Mower – Battery?
In June 2023, Kobalt SKU: KPM 1040A-03 was the top selling Walk Behind Mower- Battery with a unit share of 14.1% and an average price of $309.
What was the minimum price of the top selling Line Trimmer in June 2023?
The minimum price of Craftsman SKU CMCCSP20M1 was $107.
How has the average price of Power Leaf Blowers changed over the past few years?
The average price paid for Power Leaf Blowers was $139 up 17% versus three years ago.
Source: TraQline Data, Ending Q4 2022

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