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Fitness Equipment market share by brand & retailer
Which retailers sell the most Fitness Equipment?
Amazon, Walmart, and Dick’s were the top 3 retailers in US representing 52% of the Fitness Equipment market.
What percent of Fitness Equipment buyers shopped online and purchased online?
85% of Fitness Equipment buyers shopped online while 66% bought online.
Which brand has gained unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Qs for Stationary Bike?
Echelon has gained unit share the past 6 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest close rate for Multi-purpose Gym?
Total Gym had the highest close rate of the leading Multi-purpose Gym brands. Marcy was second.
Competitive market analytics
Which brand website did Weight Bench buyers go to most?
More Weight Bench buyers went to the Bowflex website than any other brand.
Who wins head-to-head when shopping the top 2 brands for Treadmill/Incline Trainer?
When Treadmill/Incline Trainer buyers shop both NordicTrack and Peloton, NordicTrack wins 62% of the time.
Which two retailers have the highest dollar share for Sports Equipment?
Amazon and Peloton were the top 2 retailers in dollar sales.
Which retailers sell the most Treadmill/Incline Trainer?
Amazon, Walmart, and Dick’s were the top 3 retailers in US representing 57% of the Treadmill/Incline Trainer market.
Consumer demographics and purchase insights
What are the top two brands among Female purchasers?
The top two favorite brands among female buyers for Multi-purpose Gym are Marcy and Total Gym.
How many buyers were offered extended warranty and how many bought it?
64% of Stationary Bike buyers were offered an extended warranty. 27% purchased it.
What are the top 2 reasons for ‘Why Bought Brand’ for Treadmill/Incline Trainer?
Competitive price and features desired were the top 2 reasons for brand purchase in Treadmill/Incline Trainer.
What are the top two brands among Male purchasers?
The top two favorite brands among male buyers for Weight Bench are Weider and Bowflex.
Product insights by category
Which two of the top 5 brands have the highest walk rate for Elliptical Machine?
Proform had the highest walk rate of the leading brands. NordicTrack was second.
How has the industry’s average price paid compared over the years?
Average price paid for Stationary Bike was $691. This was down 15% from last year and up 76% from 5 years ago.
For Multi-purpose Gym, what retailer has the highest APP change in the past year?
Of the leading brands for Multi-purpose Gym, Weider had the largest YOY price change at 43%.
Which brand has lost unit share over the most consecutive rolling 4Q?
Sunny and NordicTrack have lost unit share the past 2 consecutive rolling 4Qs.
Source: TraQline Data, Ending Q3 2023

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