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TraQline is the most trusted, comprehensive, and adaptive consumer intelligence resource available. Never get overwhelmed by a fire-hose of data again. We do the hard work of making order out of chaos by providing you with accurate data, best-in-class tools, and highly skilled analysts.

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TraQline is a trusted source of market share insights across industries. We serve top brands, small businesses, and everything in between. Here is a closer look at the industry data TraQline provides:

TraQline serves the home appliances industry, including both Major Appliances and Small Appliances. Within the home appliances industry, 100% of the top 10 brands rely on TraQline’s market insights. Our insights span across shopping trends, pricing trends, online vs. brick and mortar market share, competitive sales, and so much more.

TraQline serves the Kitchen & Bath industry, with comprehensive research spanning across 211 major brands and 134 major retailers. Collectively, we provide 100% of market coverage, which explores every facet of the kitchen & bath industry market share in-depth.

TraQline serves the Hand ToolsPower Tools, and Paint & Stain industries. Our insights help businesses in the home improvement market uncover consumer purchase motivation, defend competitive threats, prepare for product line reviews, identify opportunities to gain market share, and so much more.

TraQline serves the Lawn and Garden industry, including OPE & PartsGrills & Smokers, and Lawn Hand Tools. Our lawn and garden industry data offers 100% market coverage, which supports hundreds of thousands of category members. TraQline is the Lawn and Garden industry’s preferred data source because we go beyond web and point of sale insights to provide a more reliable understanding of market share and consumer behavior within the industry.

TraQline serves the consumer electronics industry, including TV & AudioCellphone & Computing, and Auto Electronics. Our insights cover the electronic industry’s largest brands and stores—including Amazon, Bose, Walmart, Best Buy, and Sony—to help small and medium-sized businesses stay on the same playing field as the biggest names in the market.

TraQline serves the home accessories industry, including Mattresses and Indoor/Outdoor Furniture & Accessories. Our insights on showrooming, pricing data, competitive weaknesses, and sales by price, among others, are used by global industry leaders. TraQline’s data helps businesses in the home accessories market develop new strategies and adapt their in-house practices to reach consumers.

TraQline serves the Major Exercise Equipment industry, providing 100% market coverage across 164 brands and 100 major retailers. In an industry that changes constantly, TraQline helps businesses stay ahead of new and emerging trends of exercise equipment sales. You can gain a preview of TraQline’s major exercise equipment coverage with a free infographic.

TraQline serves the Tires and Batteries industry, providing 100% market coverage. Our data provides major insights, including a look at why consumers chose a certain brand, whether they bought online or in-store, how pricing impacted sales, and so much more. Learn more about why tire and battery industry leaders choose TraQline as their trusted data source here.

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TraQline If you don’t see your industry or category listed here, contact our experts to see if we cover your market. We are continuously expanding our offerings to help businesses across the globe access the data they need to be successful. We look forward to helping you and your business thrive within your industry.