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Stay innovative and dominate the durables market with next-generation SKU analytics and market share insights by brand & retailer — powered by TraQline.


Groundbreaking SKU-level data platform,
taking you beyond conventional POS insights

Gain access to a proprietary data model, using daily inputs to deliver
market share insights by SKU across industry-leading retailers

Single SKU Analysis
SKU Rankings
Brand & Retailer Leaderboards
Pricing Insights
SKU Market Share
Trends Over Time
Key Drivers

Power better business strategy with in-depth market insights


Know which models and brands are winning – and why

Measure market share, and pricing for top-performing SKUs at the industry’s leading retailers or get an in-depth analysis for one SKU. Filter performance data by brand, retailer, feature & pricing.


Compare monthly performance over time

Brands, features, and models. Stay on top of product trends, market changes, and shifting SKU performance. Analyze floor placement, website position, pricing, and more.


Get insight into sales at your industry’s biggest retailers

Three major retailers account for over 60% of retail market sales. Monitor drivers and track performance for these retailers by each product, including share trends, SKU rankings, and leaderboard.


Monitor your brand performance — and track competitors

Track brand and manufacturer performance by product type, including share trends, SKU rankings, and brand leaderboard.

Built for teams across your organization

Actionable SKU insights, stronger business strategies


Optimize in-store and ecommerce product assortment

  • Identify best selling competitive SKUs
  • See the impact of floor positions and web placement
  • Identify opportunities for product introductions

Back your pitch and win more business using brand & retailer SKU data

  • Improve strategy based on accurate share data
  • Identify gaps in retailer assortment
  • Floor the right models with competitive insights

Gain new competitive advantage with accessible market intelligence

  • Support the organization using accurate data
  • Save time with single source of information
  • Learn key changes from executive summaries

Promote the right product with market share and product insights

  • Optimize price, promotion, placement, product features
  • Understand key drivers of share gains/losses
  • Support merchant teams with the right promotion
Pricing / Finance

Uncover market gaps with timely and reliable industry trends and sales data

  • Connect to SKU Metrix for twice-weekly price updates
  • Learn what pricing drives product sales
  • Measure the impact of long-term promotions

Experience the power of next generation
SKU performance tracking


HPOS is changing
the industry

Hybrid POS is a must-have market insights solution for appliance and OPE professionals. Demo today to see how HPOS data powers growth for the durables industry.

Take your market awareness further
with more consumer and SKU-level insights

Enrich your market understanding with data collected directly from durable goods consumers. Every retailer, every brand, online and in-store — 100% market coverage.

Save hundreds of hours with an on-demand product master. With data collected daily, you can analyze and compare SKUs by availability, pricing, and features.