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Retail floor walks… without the walk

Planogram layouts, analytics, and pictures of the sales floor for the top Major Appliance retailers and markets


Get in-depth competitive sales floor insights to
improve product mix, pricing, promotions, and more

Floor Placement
Floor Presentation
Product Pricing
Feature Placement
In-Store SKU Photos

Power better business strategy with competitive store layouts


See the entire
appliance sales floor

Our interactive store planograms allow you to visualize floor layouts and discover product mix for Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy across key markets — with aggregated metrics for stores, products, and SKUs.


Analyze stores, aisles,
brands & more

Go from the entire department to a single model, with insights on SKU pricing and features — drawn directly from groundbreaking TraQline SKU Metrix™ platform.


View retail floor plan and product images

Browse pictures of every single model in the appliance department, including price tags and product images, updated monthly.

Get access to Floor Sight data

Currently part of our Hybrid POS™ solution, the Floor Sight platform empowers you to make critical business decisions about promotional effectiveness, pricing influences, positioning and more. Request a demo or connect with our team to learn more.

More competitive intelligence solutions
for the Major Appliances market

Enrich your market understanding with data collected directly from Major Appliance consumers. Every retailer, every brand, online and in-store — 100% market coverage.

Know what Major Appliances are winning at top retailers. Analysis individual SKU performance, trends over time, key purchase drivers, and brand leaderboards.

Save hundreds of hours with an on-demand product master. With data collected daily, you can analyze and compare SKUs by availability, pricing, and features.