The Value of POS Data: Hear from the POS Data Guy on the TraQline Podcast

TraQline has the Answers

For consumer behavior, market share,
feature trends and more, TraQline is the answer.

TraQline Methodology

No. The core of the TraQline data comes straight from the people who buy your products – the consumers. These consumers are selected to be demographically and geographically representative of the US population – all 15 million members in our panels. We understand that different categories require different approaches. Therefore, we use a combination of modern web-scraping techniques and complex algorithms. We also utilize cleaning routines and significant time devoted by analysts to deliver results that go beyond just traditional survey results.

TraQline is managed and syndicated by The Stevenson Company, which has over 40 years experience actually using this type of market tracking information inside major corporations. We know the pain associated with anomalies in the results. This gives us a unique perspective on how to manage tracking surveys and how to maintain continuity. Our number one goal is to ensure accuracy and continuity in the results.

We provide statistical testing on market changes on most of the reporting that we offer. Our data has been relied on by hundreds of retailers and manufacturers for decades. We work closely with our clients to validate the data via their EDI information and cross-reference against industry resources (like trade associations). TraQline is like a compass in that it will ensure you are heading in the right direction.

To obtain the wealth of information contained in just one quarter of TraQline would be cost prohibitive for just one company to commission. Syndication & subscription allows TraQline to provide both high quality and affordable data.

We have over ten years of trending data with most of the products we track. This includes data on shares, pricing, and feature trends. All accessible with a few clicks of your mouse.

Uses for TraQline

TraQline utilizes the latest methodology to provide the fastest, most accurate and richest survey results available today. TraQline delivers the large sample sizes you want and most consistent methodology available in the industry. This leads to the highest quality results allowing you to make actionable business decisions.

The answer to whether you need both POS and consumer data depends on what you are trying to measure. Some people need only consumer data, some need only POS data, and many of our customers use both. Each of the two data sources has different uses – POS for tracking SKU, but not for share tracking (since it is not representative of the whole market). Consumer Data is best for share and behavior tracking (since you don’t rely on retailer participation). Click here for our infographic detailing the benefits of each.

Unlike other share measures, which focus on tracking large retail chains and brands, TraQline measures behavior in the entire market. Due to the extensive methodology of our survey, we can track even the smallest stores, brands and geographies.

Absolutely. The TraQline data is one of the best sources for line reviews. In most cases, TraQline will provide instant credibility as it has been a trusted source of market data for the past 20 years.

Subscription Information

No. The TraQline data comes with an incredible value – 10 years of history for every category. The minimum subscription period for any product is one year.

Each client has their own customized category list and logins. In most cases we can have your site set-up and ready within 2 business days.

Your TraQline account is cloud based, so you have access to your information 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

There’s no limit on the number of seats you can have within your own company. Currently, one customer has 514 individual TraQline user accounts!

Our pricing page is here or contact us to learn more about how we price TraQline.

Many TraQline customers are some of the largest and best known companies in the Fortune 500. TraQline subscribers are not limited to just manufacturers or just retailers, our customers include anyone interested in learning more about any of our industries. Many smaller companies subscribe to TraQline as well – they find the information to be invaluable.