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Comprehensive Market

Understand the durables market better with industry-wide consumer behavior and competitive insights that go well beyond market share — powered by TraQline.


100% market coverage for durable goods —
all brands, all retailers, one consumer insights platform

Durable IQ powers market growth through data collected directly from your consumers.
Formerly known as TraQline, Durable IQ is so much more than a survey.

270+ Product Categories
Market Share
Online vs In-Store
Purchase Drivers
Consumer Demographics
10 Years of Historical Data

Gain market clarity and power business growth with industry-wide insights


Uncover critical industry trends as they happen

Get the insights you need to outmaneuver your competition and win business. Instantly access 10 years of trend data, from purchase drivers to brand performance metrics, online vs. in-store shopping data, demographics, and more.


See where your competitors are gaining market share

Easily identify competitive threats and find opportunities to gain market share. Discover which competitor brands and stores your consumers are shopping, new product types where a competitive brand is gaining share, which products are most sold at top retailers, and so much more.


Stay ahead of shifting consumer preferences

Monitor consumer trends, uncover new demographic variables and segmenting, and understand the consumer “why” behind the buy — all with the Durable IQ platform. Easily compare hundreds of variables across industry, brand, and retailers, and gain unmatched consumer understanding.


Use market insights in pitches, presentations, or yearly reviews

Save hours of time crunching numbers and preparing intricate data-centric presentations. With easy reporting options and exportable infographics & executive summaries, easily prepare your next line review, quarterly review, or year-end presentation — all at the click of a button.

Built for teams across your organization

Durable insights for the durables industry

Retail merchants

Build stronger merchandising and assortment strategies

  • Justify business decisions
  • Determine pricing and promotional strategies
  • Conduct line reviews and vendor negotiation
  • Uncover purchase drivers
  • Monitor and benchmark against competitors

Improve product development & increase margins

  • Decide how spend research & development resources
  • Develop successful competitive product road maps
  • Understand which product attributes appeal to customers and price relationships
  • Monitor market share gains & loses

Access stronger competitive business intelligence

  • Get highly accurate, current, and relevant data
  • Empower your teams to make data-driven business decisions
  • Successfully aid in budget planning and forecasting
  • Turnkey solutions to save CI resources

Return positive ROAS & support organizational goals

  • Justify allocations advertising spend and placements
  • Benchmark sales performance against competition
  • Target customer segments by demographics
  • Learn why customers buy to craft compelling messaging

Monitor Corporate Performance KPIs

  • Identify weaknesses in business unit performance
  • Compare actuals vs plan
  • Eliminate gut decisions and make data-driven strategies

Competitive market analysis and insights
across the durables industry

Major Appliances

Refrigerators, Wall ovens, Washers, Disposers…

Small Appliances

Blenders, Coffee Makers, Vacuum Cleaners, Fans…

Kitchen Fixtures

Faucets, Cabinets, Countertops, Sinks…

Hand Tools

Tape Measure, Tool Cabinet, Mechanics Tool Set, Hand Saw…

Lawn Hand Tools

Shovels, Spades, Trowel, Rakes, Sprinklers…

OPE & Parts

Lawn Mowers, String Trimmers, Leaf Blowers…

Bath Fixtures

Faucets, Sinks, Bathtubs, Cabinets, Toilets…

Grills & Smokers

Gas & Charcoal Grills, Pellet Grills, Smokers…

Paints & Stains

Interior & Exterior Paint, Primer, Sealers, Supplies…

Power Tools

Power Drills, Electric Generators, Wet-Dry Vacs…

TV & Audio

LED, LCD, Smart, Curved TVs, Home Theaters…

Fitness Equipment

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Incline Trainers, Steppers…

Auto Electronics

Satellite Radios, Speakers, Video Players…

Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Seating, Desk, Table, Patio…

Home Improvement

Hammers, Screwdrivers, Wrench, Saw, Pliers…

Cell Phone & Computing

Smartphones, Desktops…


Mattresses, Box Springs, Air & Crib Mattresses…

Tires & Batteries

Light Truck, SUV Tires Auto / Minivan Tires…

Know your industry with comprehensive market intelligence

Durable IQ is the must-have competitive market analysis and insights tool for all durable goods industries. Demo today to see how our insights empower you to find new opportunities and gain market share.

Gain a new competitive advantage
with SKU-level brand and retailer insights

Know what products are winning at top retailers. Analysis individual SKU performance, trends over time, key purchase drivers, and brand leaderboards.

Save hundreds of hours with an on-demand product master. With data collected daily, you can analyze and compare SKUs by availability, pricing, and features.