TraQline Is Now Open brand

We are proud to announce that OpenBrand, a market intelligence platform for brands and retailers to leverage AI-driven insights and data, has completed its acquisition of TraQline! Read more here.








Solutions delivering market, consumer, and SKU data insights —
now advancing your business better than ever

Be more with the only “single source of truth”
designed for durable goods by durable goods

100% Market Coverage
Brand & Retailer SKU Performance
Competitive Product Master

Be more with the only “single source of truth” designed for durable goods by durable goods

Unleash greater possibility for your brand with unmatched market data that
empowers confidence in the face of your ever-changing industry and consumers

Total market insight
More powerful together

Whether a manufacturer, retailer, marketer, or beyond, we can help you identify new opportunities, optimize strategies, measure performance, and achieve greater success.

market intelligence

From consumer behavior to SKU tracking and analysis, no one does durables like us.

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Case Study:
P&G & SKU Insights

P&G used Hybrid POS™ and SKU Metrix™ to streamline workflows, identify stronger partnerships, and improve their market understanding. Learn more.

Solving your key
business challenges

See how we help our clients overcome their key obstacles, and discover the intelligence needed for growth.

  • Market share decreases
  • Shifting consumer behavior
  • Industry changes & advancements
  • Competitor product launches
  • Weak product assortment

Presentation ready
charts & reporting

Spend less time preparing — and more time winning.

Rooted in the durables industry — built for the future of your business

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to your durables industry

Get competitive business intelligence with 100% market coverage — all brands and all retailers across each industry.

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